Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Camp of the 97th Regiment to his wife on June 9, 1864

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Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment on June 9, 1864 to his wife, Alma C. Stannard, of Forestport, New York: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp of the 97 Regt (97th Regiment, New York)
June the 9 1864My Dear wife (Stannard, Dwight W. (Mrs., Alma C. Simmons)) (Stannard, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard)) (Simmons, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard))

I recived (received) your
kind letter last night and was
glad to hear from you once
more and glad to hear that you
are all well as this leaves me
the same you must take good
care of the bub and not let him
take cool and he will get
a long we are a having a
pretty good time jest (just) now
for we are a laying up in
the rear now to rest but
I think we will have to pay
for it in a few day now
but it cant be helped now
for we are hear (here) and we
have got to fite (fight) and some

PAGE IMAGE of us has got to bite the
dust befour (before) it is over
with but they cant kill us
all their (there) will be some left
to tell the tail (tale) and it may
be my lot to come out
all right and it may
not but I have got to take
what comes now but if I
should get home this time
I dont think they will get
me a gane (again) you say you
have sent me that tobacco but
it has not come yet but it
may come yet and if it dont
it wont kill us the most I
care a bout it is I want the
tobacco jest (just) now but I will
get a long John (Stannard, John C. ) is hear (here) with
me and a writing to ett (Ett) it
would be much plesenter (pleasenter) if
charles (Stannard, Charles) was hear (here) but I think
he will come a round yet
PAGE IMAGE I was up to see John (Stannard, John C.) yesterday
he was in the front line
of battil (battle) but he got releaved (relieved)
last night and came to the
rear we are so we can talk
with the rebs when we are
in the front line you must
excuse me this time and
I will try and do
better next time if I shoul
live ot write to you a gane (again)
this is all for this time
you must write often
as you can
this from your
ever true husband

yours truly Dwight W Stannard (Stannard, Dwight W.)

those stamps I cant use
you put the in some warm
watter (water) and they will all
come a part and then you
can use them

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