Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Camp near Bell Plains to his wife on April 19, 1863

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Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Camp near Belle Plain, Virginia, on April 19, 1863, to his wife, Alma C. Stannard, of Forestport, New York: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp near Bell Plains (Belle Plain, Virginia)
April the 19 / 63Dear wife (Stannard, Dwight W. (Mrs., Alma C. Simmons)) (Stannard, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard)) (Simmons, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard))

I recived (received) your kind letter last
night and was glad to hear that
you are well and all the rest
of the foalks (folks) but sorry that you
are so poor but I dont see as
I can help it I am in need
of some pay as much as you
are but I cant get it till they
get readdy (ready) he give it to me
and as soon as they give it to
me I will send you some and
I think that will be pretty
soon now I was over and seen
Charles (Stannard, Charles) last weak (week) he was well
and and he said that he had
not heard from home in a long
time he said I must tell our
folks that he was not dead

PAGE IMAGE and he would like to hear
from some of them he said
he had a first rate time
up to washington (Washington, District of Columbia) he tride (tried) to
come home but they would not
let him home becaus (because) his
furlow (furlough) only said to washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
we are haveing (having) a first rate
time hear (here) now the weather is
very fine now it is drie (dry)
and nise (nice) and we dont have
much to do we went and see
father abraham (Lincoln, Abraham) and his famly (family)
the other day he has been down
hear (here) a revuing (reviewng) the army
of the potamack (Potomac)
he thinks a garate (great)
deal of his boys ho (who) was that
that dreamp (dreampt) that awfel (awful) dream
I hope it will be so but I cant
see it now I dont think we shall
stay hear (here) much longer for the
ground is settled now so we
can move now the caveldrey (cavalry)
PAGE IMAGE has gone out on a scout
this morning for the first
time and if they find
anney (any) thing we shall hafter (have to) go
out and help them all I hope
is that I may have my helth (health)
and return home all safe and
sound to the armes (arms) of my
love once more I should like
to see that boy that you all
tell so much a bout I would
give two monts (months) pay to see him
and if I live to see a nother (another) winter
and hafter (have to) stay in verginna (Virginia) (Virginia) I
think I will come and see him
if he is a live when you get
some monney (money) I want you should
dress him like some king and
have his likeness taken and send
it to me for I want to see
how he looks and ho (who) he looks
like I think charles (Stannard, Charles) has made
pretty quick time I dont no (know)
PAGE IMAGE but they have had time
enuff (enough) if they will put
boath (both) of their time together or
say five monts (months) for hear (her) and
four monts (months) for him because
he is in the army I like to of
fergotten (forgotten) to tell you that I was
well what did you put that
peace (piece) of paper in for with
them few lines on this is all
for the time this from your

yours truly Dwight W. Stannard (Stannard, Dwight W.)

if you have your hair cut off
you will be sorry for it
but it is nothing to me
you can do as you like you
must have mis  hovey (Hovey (Miss.))   rite (write) in
the next letter and if she dont
you must tell me what she
said a bout hear (her) letter
his half sheet is for mis
hovey (Hovey (Miss.))

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