Letter written by [unclear] from South Groton to her son John on April 28, 1861

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Letter written by [unclear] from South Groton to her son John on April 28, 1861: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGESo. Groton (South Groton, New York) , Apr. 28, 1861 - Dear Son,

your welcome missive, was
duly receiv'd, and read with great
pleasure, great numbers gathered round
as soon as the news circulated I had
a letter form head-quarters, eager to
hear what you said, and how you felt
about war, and so intense were they
all to hear, it was copied, and read
at the Division on Frid. eve, they were
a little enthusiastic after it was read
pronounced it very interesting, and it
will be preserved with much care; we
had felt very anxious indeed about
you, after the mob at Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland) ,
we could hardly think of anything
else. but the Sixth Regiment (Sixth Regiment), rumour
said, Whitney (Whitney (Colonel)) of Groton (Groton, New York) was one of the
kill'd, then agian, Col. Whitney (Whitney (Colonel)) , Lawyer
from Groton (Groton, New York) --

[Written in margins:] The following is written at the bottom of page 1.

(now be very
(glad that
(your letter
(was so highly appreciated

Best regards to Dr [South?] ([South?] (Dr.))
Love to Charly (Charley) and Capt Clark (Clark (Captain)) , tell
C. (C.) to write more next time, and
keep up a good [??] thro' all the
[chan--?], Love to all others whom I know.


PAGE IMAGE but as you did'nt name any one
in particular, we suppos'd you had'nt
learn'd the names ... The ladies here
are making an effort to send relief,
first to Co. B. (Company B) of this place, for
if you have had no change since
you left, I presume it will not come
to you, too soon; it was no worse
for those Baltimoreans to rob you
of all your baggage, than to insult
you otherwise; then for the Lord
has been with you, hope you will
ever feel, in the Lord is all your
strength ... Last Wednes. eve. we had
a little demonstration here, of a patriotic
spirit, a large gathering in
the Plough shop yard, a flag [rais'd?]
upon the shop, speeches, sentiments,
and remarks, by several
gentlemen, many National Airs
by the Choir, cheers were almost
deafening which were [pour'd?] forth
for the Stars and Stripes, and

PAGE IMAGE the brave "Mass. (Massachusetts) (Massachusetts) boys" now John (John) , I
want you to pay particular regard to your
habits; one thing, I will say at the
out-set, let your beard grow to protect
your throat; Avoid strong coffee &
oily meat, wash youself all over
as often as once or twice a week
if possible, to keep the pores open;
it has been said by an old soldier
of the Mexican War, that
more died from the want of keeping
the pores open by washing
often, then any other cause; but
you know best what you can do;
hope you will keep yourself pure,
from the contaminating influences
around you, looking to God for
strength to resist temptations, and
shun evil as much as possible ;that
is, the commision (commission) of evil [matters?]
I read the morning & evening
papers, and sometimes 'tis hard telling
what is true. --
PAGE IMAGE I am still at Mr Park (Park (Mr.)) 's, Silas (Silas)) is
here, he says tell John (John) the same from
me that i told him when we shook
hands last "God bless" you John (John)
tell him I'm not able to carry
a gun, but my heart is there, &
"God bless" him again, and such
is the response of every one of us
Mr. P. (P. (Mr.)) says, tell him the same
from me - hope you will write
again, the first time you get
[??] you get paper I hope so -
I expect the [Saco? ad? Bidd?] troops
will be call'd for, I think of
going home soon, Venta (Venta) said
she should write this eve. and
I suppose she will write about your
young friends more than I can
they all send care, - Now keep up
good courage, do your duty -
stand firm, trust in God for
success; I wish I had 12 more
sons to send on there; some
difference then I presume in
every thing, from what it is at
home! but never mind if you
can do any good for your country,
and may "God speed the
right" -

from your Mother R. H. [Cont?] ([Cont?], R. H.)
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