Letter written by Pierce? Cury? from Philadelphia to John on December 26, 1861

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Letter written by Pierce? Casy? from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to John on December 26, 1861: a machine readable transcription

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Phila (Philadelphia) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)   Dec 16th '61
My dear John (John)

I called to ask you
to draw up a Power of attorney
so as to [--all?] you to receive & disperse
of whatever prize money I may be entitled
to from the proceeds of the [-ob?] of
the [Sch--?] "Mary Wood", "Harriet Ryan"
"Susan Jane" [I? 2?] ocean leave vessels
that I captured at "Hatteras
Inlet (Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina) ", & which were to be here;
allowing yourself such per centage
as is customary.
My [share?] will be about
250, two hundred & fifty, I think
[Washbon?] ([Danger?]) told me that
the Power of attorney had better
be full as possible so as to avoid

yours truly [Peirce?] [Casy?] ([Casy?], [Peirce?])
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