Letter written by [unclear] from Camp at Laurel to his father on January 28, [no year]

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Letter written by P. Macy? from Camp at Laurel, Maryland, on January 28, [no year] to his father, Giles B. Macy?: a machine readable transcription

Camp at Laurel (Laurel, Maryland)
January 28thDear Father

I have a little
business to atend (attend) to with you and
in doing that I will write you
a short letter, We received our
pay Monday, and I under
the conditions of that alotment (allotment)
had only $5.00 in
money and the rest came
in the from of a check
which I shall enclose in this
for fear to draw at the
Bank and then I should
like to have it sent back
to me. We ware (were) only played (payed)
up to the first of December
and when we shall be
payed again I am unable
to [co--pecten?] probably

PAGE IMAGE not in three or four months
and if that should be
the case I without having
this money sent back would
be left perfectly destitute
and soldiering is
not the proposition I could
choes (chose) to be found with out
money. It is a rough heartless
business, and the only
thing that can, or will soften
the strong heards is
money ___ money, so
I must have a small
stock on hand. The check
is payable to you and
will be cashed at any of
the Banks in the State
of N.Y. (New York) (New York)

We are at Laurel (Laurel, Maryland) [--tary?]
yet, and to day in the
mudd (mud) up to our knees, I
am on Guard to day, and

PAGE IMAGE it is morning and evening
together but not very cold
[had?] not Guard [mount? must?]
this morning, on account
of the storm.

Saturday thare (there) is two (to)
be a general examination
of Oficers (Officers) [??]
Armes, knapsacks, and every
thing generly (generally), I am [a--st-d?]
it is to ascertain if we are
fit for the field, of course
I know nothing of it but
what I have herd (heard) but I presume
it is a fact as it
[seems?] [h-ly?] [for?] a [--able?]
Havent heard from Uncle Orrin (Orrin (Uncle))
in a long time [??] I
dont know anything about
him now. Aunt Martha (Martha (Aunt))
said she [--ood?] him
to be in the fight at
[Musesy's Burough] ([Musesy's Burough?]) but did

PAGE IMAGE not know of a surtainty (certainty) I
dont know of any news to write
[an a son?] I will close this
from [Janue] Son afectionatly (affectionately)

Phiney (Phiney?)
Giles B ?? (Macy, Giles B.) P.S.

write soon

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