Letter written by [unknown] from Cheat Mountain to his friends Rowe and Rawkin on September 22, [no year]

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Letter written by [unknown] from Cheat Mountain, West Virginia to his friends Rowe and Rawkin on September 22, [no year]: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGESunday morning

Cheat Mountain (Cheat Mountain, West Virginia) Sept 22
Friend Rowe (Rowe) & Rawkin (Rawkin)

as I have nothing else to do
to day but write letter I shall
write one to you boys my health
is very good at the present and
hope when this comes to hand
may find you all well and
kicking it is getting pretty
cold up here in the mountain
well cold enough to make
one stand close to the fire
to keep his shins warm
and if there was any girls to
squeese (squeeze) one would have to
wind about three times
around to keep warm but
as there is no girls we lap
around one another

PAGE IMAGE it still keep raining here yet
but this morning it was nearly
snow but I am in hopes that
it will get warmer in a few days
our secesh friends have let us
alone for a few days now I guess
they thought this place to (too) hot for
them we had a little brush
with them about a week ago
and I guess they left about 40
or 50 of their comrades on the
ground not able for duty and
our company took 7 prisoners
so much for our company
I cant say whether we will
stay here very long or not
we have to have our guns and
fixings in good order as this
is inspection day every thing
has to be in Apple Pie
Order or off you go to the
guard house
PAGE IMAGE I suppose that nearly all have
gone from about Plymouth (Plymouth, West Virginia)
good for them all that can
go especially young men
should go I reckon that
you have some of the young
gents left yet among you
are they afraid or what
is the matter or are they
Wedded to the Home guard
System if so all right
go in Lemans (Lemans) or any
other man I guess
that I shall send a letter
enclosed in this which
I want you to hand
over to the one directed
to and let no one
have it as I understand
that there is some few that
say that they wont let them
go through
PAGE IMAGE But I can trust you
two and dont betray your
trust and then Marris
you may kiss that girl for
what I care and Rachael
too does she fulfill the doctors
direction if so answer you
know I should like to know
all the news dont let
any of the woman folks see
this letter for I may come
back some of these days and
they would give me fits
Write as soon as you
get this direct to
Grafton  Virginia (Grafton, Virginia)
care capt Johnson (Johnson (Captain))
compy D (Company D) 25th ohio 
Regt (25th Regiment, Ohio)

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