Letter written by Will from [unclear] to his father on April 13, 1864

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Letter written by Will from [unclear] to his father on April 13, 1864: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: W. B. White (White, W. B.)
Apr 12 / 64]

Com-. Dept.
Apr 13th 64Dear Mother

I presume you have been
looking anxiously for some time for a letter
from me & so I will not keep you in suspense
any longer. Capt N. (N. (Captain)) & myself have arranged
our difficulty satisfactorily to both parties, &
I am now once more in the Com. Dept
How long I shall stay I do not pretend to
say - I hear that the citizens have been
ordered out of the army & I do not much
care if this is a fact. We are having lovely
weather (weather). The grass is about three inches high,
the Rose bushes, Apple Trees, Currant Bushes &
Briar Bushes have all leaved out & it is more
like summer than summer is in our Country.
Facing our tent but far away in the distance

PAGE IMAGE you can see the Blue  Ridge (Blue Ridge Mountains) with its summit
covered with snow. while in the Valey (valley)
below Grass is growing, Flowers are in blossom
apple Trees leaved out &c &c. We are expecting to
move every day. Troops are continually arriving
from Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) . Sutters have been ordered to
the rear. All surplus baggage ordered to rear.
The 1 (1st Brigade) and 8 Brig. (8th Brigade)s have been consolidated
& we now have Ten Reg. of Troops in
this Brigade, which is called 3rd Brig. 2nd d. (3rd Brigade, 2nd Division)
2nd A.C. (2nd A.C.) You will direct to me 3rd Brig. (3rd Brigade) &c &c
I have not time to write more.

Love to all Will (Will) PS

As I begin my name I hear the report
of fire arms, the news comes to
[Hand? ??] that (5) men have been shot
belonging to the 4th [Oki-?] Vols. (4th Regiment, [Oki-?])
I have not heard from Wilson (Wilson) yet.
Why dont father write. W (Will)

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