Letter written by William H. King from Charlton to his cousin on June 3, 1861

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Letter written by William H. King from Charlton to his cousin on June 3, 1861: a machine readable transcription

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Charlton (Charlton) June 3d 1861Dear Cousin:

Yours of May 12th
came to hand about two weeks
ago. You have probably heard
ere this of the death of brother
Edward (Edward) which took place
May 23d it was sudden but
far from being unexpected
to us as he had been growing
weeker (weaker) very fast for the last
few weeks but as his physical
strength diminished his mental
seemed to increase and for the
last few days he seemed to
be perfectly sane and rational

PAGE IMAGE and contintued so up to the
last. Probably few of us realize
how much he has suffered the
past four or five years and
still he complained none
but his last moments were
apparently easy and life seemed
to leave its earthly habituation with
scarce a struggle. We are all
in comfortable health. Aunt Matilda (Matilda (Aunt))
seems to be, as it were
a child of misfortune, she
had another fall a few days ago
and lamed an knee so badly
that she could not walk a step
for several days but she is
now gaming quite for it.
Cousin Harriet (Harriet (Cousin)) is improving
in health and will doubtless
entirely recover. The weather
to day is rather rainy and
vegatation (vegitation) seems to be somewhat
PAGE IMAGE enlivened but is backward
for the time of year. I am
working for Mr Morris (Morris (Mr.)) now
for a few days helping repair his
barn, businessis very dull here
as well as in all other parts
of the country but I have
had all the work I could do
thus far. I was very much
pleased with the programme
of you exhibition should
judge it was a very interesting
and instructing one.
Should liked to have been
present and heard
some of papers and essays
read. War matters seem
to engross the attention of
public at the present time
daily papers ar (are) taken here
by almost every one and nearly
all are ready fight if
PAGE IMAGE needed for that glorious
old flag which our fore
fathers bled for in '76: All
the people in this state
want is to have government
give the word and they will
rally to a man to preserve
the homes and integrity and to enforce the caws (cause) of a
government which for free
moral and liberal institutions
stands unrivaled in the
histories of world. What
a cowardly mean underhanded
low lived trick was the assination
of the gallant Ellsworth (Ellsworth, Elmer E. (Colonel))
at Alexandria (Alexandria, Virginia) , it is almost
impossible for me to conceive
of a term that would express
the baseness of such a deed. But
the perpetrator received his reward
on the spot and there is reason to believe
that others engaged in the same traitorous
scheme will be rewarded in like manner
give my love to all and accept a portion for

Yours & Wm H King (King, William H.)
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