Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on April 12, [1863]

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Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island, on April 12, 186x? to his sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth GroveRI (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)   Apr 12th
Dear Sister

I received your letter in do (due)
time and think I will try and write
you a few lines before meeting time
it is very plesant (pleasant) this morning we have
had very Cold wether (weather) of laite (late), so that
I can not get out to [stop?] mutch (much) I [stop?]
to the reading a good part of the time
I have plenty to read tho (though) I have not
practis (practice)  eny (any) a writing yet that exspect (expect) to
join the school mandy (Mandy) you asked about
thare (their) reading book I have not seen them
yet nor those Grammers (grammars) they have got the
[Caman?] School [Aucmilis?] I have not
seen no Clas (class)  resite (recite) yet they come in thare (there)
and take them and use them just when
they want I think that it would be more
proftible (profitable) for me to use them then it would
to read novels I have got the Lives of

[Written in margins:] The following is written in the top margin of page 1.

I am very well contented
hear (here) as well as I
can be under the charge
of the Goverment (Government) you know
that I was never very
well contented eny (any)
whare (where) I used to take
some comfert
in the [old?]
Shop but never
was contented
but a little while
in a plase (place) I never
liked a master that
you all know always
wantd (wanted) to be my one (own)
master but I have
got one now that
will do just as
he is a mineto (mind to)
with me I shall
have to tak (take) another
pens a
paper [marche?]
to finish your letter]

[written along right margin of page 1: I will put 5.00 in this letter and have go some
more to sent]

PAGE IMAGE the Siners (Signers) of the Declyration (Declaration) of
Indipendance (Independance) it is not very interesting (enteresting)
to me perhaps it would be to some
you wanted to know what I would take
for my pistol I will take the same as
I give for it - $9.00 and if you cant get that
you can sel (sell) it a little les (less) but it cant
me two dollars I dont se (see) where they
got the story that I was discharged; I
cant say that I should be sory (sorry) if it
was so I hant (haven't) one of the luckey (lucky)  cind (kind)
I think that it will be a long time
before I shall get my discharge it is not
mutch (much) use to apply for my discharge hear (here)
our doctor is very important sort of a
man if he hapens (happens) to take a notion to
recemend (recommend) me for a discharge he will but
thare (there) is a grate (great)  meny (many) names down now
that is to be examend (examined) yet and I am getting
along very well thare (there) has been a grate (great)  meny (many) discharged
that was not wors (worse) then I be I suppose
that if I was discharged my papers would
clear me from draft; my helth (health) is very good

PAGE IMAGE now if I was at home perhaps that I
should not be contented thare (there) has been
sutch (such) a Change thare (there)  somtimes (sometimes) I think
that if I was at home I should never want
to go [amaw?] and then I thinks that I want
to se (see) more of the wourld (world) I have not
seen but a little part of the united States (United States of America)
yet a solger (soldier) cant take no [Comfert? "comfort"?] of what
he sees whare (where) a Armey goes it swepes (sweeps)  avery (everything)
before it; if I had been traveling
through the Country or in company with
some few friends I should have had a
better chance to se (see) and dont [liss?] seen meny (many)
things was the seeing I can say that I dont
wish to step onto Va (Virginia) (Virginia) Soil again as a
Solger (soldier) I have seen thinges (things) in that State that
I never shal (shall) forget; I have received no
circular from eny (any) one but have seen them and
have got a [corel?]; you wrote about our folks
coming out to se (see) me I should be very
glad to se (see) them but one cant take no
Comfort of Seeing thare (their) friends thare (there)
are ver (very) strict hear (here) the folks that came
PAGE IMAGEhear (here) to se (see)  thare (their) friends have to get a pass
to come a [shaar?]; or come into the wards
and they hant (haven't) aloud to Stay on the on the ground
over night but it is not a grate (great) way out
to the houses the folks grant thare (there) to [slap?]
and get thare (their) meals the cost would not be
grate (great) but it would not be satisfaction for
you to come out hear (here)  altho (although) it is a prety (pretty)  plase (place)
in the Sumertime (summertime) we go from to Provedence (Providence) (Providence, Rhode Island)
in the boat and thare (there) take the cars and go
direct to boston (Boston, Massachusetts) the fair (fare) is 1.85 cents the
[Falwer?] boat dont tuch (tough)  hear (here) it stopes (stops) to
Newport (Newport, Rhode Island) just belo (below)  hear (here) and I dont know
but it stops at Prov (Providence) (Providence, Rhode Island) it goes past hear (here) in the
night I have been up erly (early) some mornings
and seen it going back I think that I
had better come home then for you to come on hear (here)
but you could make a viset (visit) at Mass (Massachusetts) (Masssachusetts) in the time
my friend has gon (gone) home on a pass he got one two
days days but I suppose that he got it extended
in boston (Boston, Massachusetts) I thought that I would not bother
with a pas (pass) for so short a time but if want me to
come home I will get a pass or if you want to
come hear (here) Come I shall say nothing about it
but if I should come home you would hate to
have me come back and for me to come home
and stay a few days it would not be mutch (much)
setesfaction (satisfaction) to me nor you eather (either) I should want
to se (see) you just as mutch (much) when I got back again
and as long as we are all as well as we be now I
think had better stay a part for the presant (present)
at least I suppose that you want to se (see) me just as
mutch (much) as though I had been away for three years

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