Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his mother of Rome, New York, from Camp of the 97th Reg. N.Y.V. near Belle Plains, Virginia, April 20, 1863

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Camp of the 97th Reg. N.Y.V., to his mother, Mrs. Daniel Cady (Fidelia W. Palmer) of Rome, New York, from near Belle Plains, Virginia, on April 20, 1863

PAGE IMAGECamp of the 97th Reg. N.Y.V. (97th Regiment, New York)
near Belle Plains, Va. (Virginia) (Belle Plains, Virginia)
April 20th '63, Evening. Dear Mother (Cady, Daniel (Mrs., Fidelia W. Palmer)) (Palmer, Fidelia W. (Mrs. Daniel Cady)) :

I have today written a letter for the
Citizen, which I enclose, in order that you may see
it before it is published. It will be in good season
for next week's issue, if you send it to Mr. Sandford (Sandford (Mr.)) ,
immediately.- I also enclose a list of those to whom
I wish copies of the paper to be sent. You are at liberty
to make any additions to the list, which you see fit, but
please do not change it otherwise. You see that we
have not yet moved, but we are in hourly expectation
of marching orders. Today it has been raining considerable,
which makes it less likely, I think, that a movement will
take place for a day or two yet. Last Friday evening I received
a letter from Eliza (Cady, Eliza) , and have also heard from Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain))
several times directly, within the past few days. I think
he might have visited the Reg. as I know that he
would have no difficulty in obtaining a pass.
I received the Citizen, containing a brief account of Jun-
ior Exhibition. Lieut. Alexander (Alexander, George (Lieutenant)) & I are in a large
double tent, with Maj. Northup (Northrup, Charles (Major)) , Chaplain Ferguson (Ferguson (Chaplain)) , & Capt. Eggleston (Eggleston (Captain)) ,

PAGE IMAGE and we are at present very comfortably pro-
vided for, in every respect.

You ask me how I am off for clothing; everything
is complete now,- I have found my flannel shirt again.
I keep my clothing mended, & darn my own stockings.

The Paymaster has not yet arrived, but we
expect him daily. Lt. Alexander (Alexander, George (Lieutenant)) will not get a
furlough, at present.- I am appointed “officer of
the Day” tomorrow, which requires me to take the
guard up to the Parade Ground near Brigade Head-
quarters, at Guard Mounting, 8 o'c. A.M., tomorrow,
and afterwards being responsible for the good orders
& regularity of the camp. Having other duties to attend
to, early in the morning, & as it is growing late, I
must close, but will write again soon.

Give my love to all, & tell the children I send
them each a kiss.

Your Son, Rush P. Cady (Cady, Rush Palmer (Lieutenant)) . P.S.

Upon making out the list, I find it more ex-
tended than I had though (thought) to make it, but upon
review, see few or no names that I would be wil-
ling to have omitted. I think you will not object
to the extent of the list, when you consider how
seldom it is that I have enjoyed the opportunity thus
presented, of appearing before my friends.

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