Letter written by George Stone from in front of Petersburg to his father on June 28, 1864

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Letter written by George Stone from in front of Petersburg, Virginia to his father on June 28, 1864: a machine readable transcription


OLD POINT COMFORTVA (Virginia) (Old Point Comfort, Virginia)

[written in margins: PetersburgVa (Virginia) (Petersburg, Virginia)
June 28/64]
Soldiers Letter Co. No
117 N.Y. Vols. (117th Regiment, New York)

E. C. Skinner Lt (Skinner, Eugene C. (Lieutenant)) 117th NYV (117th Regiment, New York)

Due 3

Mr M. F. Stone (Stone, M. F.)
Oneida Co.  N.Y. (New York) (Vienna, New York) (Oneida County, New York)

PAGE IMAGE[Ud? 2d?] [??] 117th Regt. N [R.?] [Vols.?] (117th Regiment, New York)
In Front of PetersburghVa. (Virginia) (Petersburg, Virginia)
June 28th 1864.
Dear Father (Stone (Mr.)) :

We are again
occupying these Trenches although
they have been a good deal
advanced from what they were
when we left here the 7th but
the advance was mostly made
in the Battle of the 18th, in which
we were not there to participate.
My last letter to Our Family at
Vernon (Vernon, New York) was written to Lyndon (Lyndon) ,
in answer to a letter that I
received from him about
the 20th or rather I think the 21st. It was written I think one
week ago to day, while we were in
the trenches at Bermuda Hundred (Bermuda Hundred, Virginia) .
While there we were returned to our

PAGE IMAGE old place in the 10th Army Corps (10th Army Corps)
1st Briggade (Brigade) 2d Division Briggade (Brigade)
Com'd by Col Curtis (Curtis, Newton Martin (Colonel)) of the 142d N.Y. (142nd Regiment, New York)
and Divis. By Gen. Turner (Turner, John Wesley (General)) . Our
former Com'd Col Alford (Alford (Colonel)) has been
disgracefully dismissed from
the service for tendering his
resignation while in front
of the Enemy. and perhaps
some other reasons that abundantly
justified it. Lyndon (Lyndon) [enquired?] in
his letter what Briggades (Brigades) and Divis.
we belonged to I wrote that we were
changed about so often that I
could hardly tell you will now
know for the present and
when we are changed again
I will let you know. Our Brigg. (Brigade)
and Barton (Barton) s was again
ordered back here the night of
the 23d It means that we were
ordered here with the design of
PAGE IMAGE making a charge on the Rebel
works for at about sunset of
the 24th we formed in line
under cover of above,
fired Bayonets, advances
and lay down for another
line to form behind us. They
had but just formed when the
order came not to charge, and
we returned to the Pits. Soon
after dark we were ordered to
a new position in the front
line. where we are still remaining
The P.M. of the 25 there came another
order to be ready to move out of the
Pits for a charge at 6 O Clock P.M.
But a few moments before it was
time for us to move the order
was countermanded. and since
Then The order has not been renewed, but
last night we advanced in
line by the negroes digging another
PAGE IMAGE Pit in front of us and I guess
the exspedient (expedient) has been resolved
upon of digging them out. There was
a charge made upon these works
more than a week ago in which we
were repulsed, and a few of the dead
still lay in front and only a few yds.
from us. Our men succeeded in
burrying (burying) about half of them last
night. We are constantly under fire
and are losing men every day.
The enemies shell are bursting
about us while I write. Day before
yesterday a shell struck in our
Parapet exsploded (exploded), blowing it down
and wounding three men
of Co. N. (Company N.) all hit in the face.
Dennis Mannahan (Mannahan, Dennis) Very severly
almost destroying one side of his
face. But it is hoped will recover
Geo. Waid (Waid, George) was very severely cut and
bruised in the face and Wm Boswell (Boswell, William)
was cut above the eye they have
all been sent to the Hospital.
Probably to N.Y. (New York) (New York) I received a Hearld (Herald) of the 18th
from [Indson? Lyndon?] two days ago which is all I
have recieved since Lyndon (Lyndon) s letter. I
wish among you all you could manage
to write oftener I am almost ashamed
that I get no more letters I am ready to
write a reply to all the letters that my friends
may write. This makes it much lighter for
my friends then my self.

From your devoted Son Geo. (Stone, George C.)



We dont know much about
what is going on excepting
what we see. The sharp shooters on
both sides keep each other pretty
low. I think a large portion of the
army must be opperating (operating) at
other points. as we dont very often
get any papers we dont know much
of opperations (operations). We got the N.Y. (New York) (New York) Herald
of the 20th yesterday but papers do not
come to the front so that we soldiers
get them very often

PAGE IMAGE Lyndon (Lyndon) speaks in his letter of
Clark Graves (Graves, Clark) writing that he stands
it as well as the other soldiers. It is
curious then, that he has not been
with us but little of the time since
the Commencement of this
Campaign. But a good deal of the
time he has been at the hospt. The last
I saw him was on the Boat Coming
from White House. He came from the hospt.
there, and again went to the hospt. when
we landed. He did not complain
of being very sick but was around
and said he was troubled some with
Bowell (bowel) Complaint.

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