Letter written by Carlos F. Hardy from Hopkington to his friend on September 14,1862

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Letter written by Carlos F. Hardy from Hopkinton, New Hampshire, on September 14,1862, to a friend: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEHopkinton (Hopkinton, New Hampshire) Sept. 14. 1862 Good Morning Kind Friend

I did not receive your
letter till late last
evening and take this
earliest opportunity to
answer it hoping you
may receive it
I was very much
surprised to learn that
you had enlisted in
the service of your

I sympathise with you in
regreting (regretting) to leave your
family and friends
and hope that your family
may not see so hard
times as you seem to
fear that they may

PAGE IMAGE Perhaps a few words about
military affairs in N.H. (New Hampshire) (New Hampshire) may not
be without interest to
you. The old granite
State is "bating to arms"
Walter Harriman (Harriman, Walter (Colonel)) is Col.
of the 10th reg. (10th Regiment) and has
left for the war.

Hopkinton (Hopkinton, New Hampshire) (owing to the
meanness of the selectmen
is not providing
bounties for the soldiers)
will have to fill her quota
by a draft though the boys
are ready to go if they can
be paid for it.

about your cold I do not
know any thing about
it and have scarcely time
to find out besides I
think you will hear
from Samuel (Samuel) if you
do not I will write next


I shall expect to have
at least an occasional letter
from you.

Please tell Charles (Charles) &
Sanford (Sanford) that I am
well and would like to
hear from them.
Our folks all send their
regards and sympathy
to you and yours.
But I must close by
wishing that wharever (wherever)
fortune may carry you
you may be prosperd (prospered)
with life health and
a speedy return to your

yours in Haste. Carlos F.
Hardy (Hardy, Carlos F.) .
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