Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, to his father of Clinton, New York, from Point Lookout, Maryland, November 18, 1864

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Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, from Point Lookout, Maryland, on November 18, 1864, to his father, George A. Pearl, of Clinton, New York: a machine readable transcription

[written in margins:
No more at present. Love to all from your Son
Geo. W. Pearl (Pearl, George W.)
To G. A. Pearl (Pearl, George A.)
P.S. I dont know
but you will
think the
ambrotype I sent
you looks rowdyish
I had to have my
cap cocked on
one side in
order not to have
it shade my face
too much
This extra
letter enclosed
with this
put away
with the
Yours G. W. P (Pearl, George W.) ]
Point LookoutMd (Maryland) (Point Lookout, Maryland)
Nov 18th/64
Dear Father (Pearl, George A.)

I recd
your kind letter of the
13th this morning--I
was glad to learn that
all the kind friends at
home were in usual
health. Yours found
me the same, and up
to my Elbows in flour
making apple dumplings
for dinner. The boys
have most of them returned from their
furloughs. I dont know
but that I feel about as
well as though I had
been home and spent
50 or $75.00. Though I would
like very much to have

made you a visit.
But I think it insures
my staying here longer
than I would if I had
went home. The report
is that the the Inspector
General and Asst is
comeing (coming) here next
Tuesday to inspect the
Hospital. and all that
are fit for field duty
are to be sent to their
respective Regts. A
number went from the
kitchen and while they
were gone they (the Dr)
took down the names
of those that remained.
That is why I think I
stand agreater (a greater) chance of
staying than I would if
I had went home. A fellow
from Co [K] (Company K?). that was
wounded the 16th of May last
returned here yesterday morn
he said he saw Col Daggett (Daggett, Rufus (Colonel))
at home and he (the Col) told
him that the Regt was going
home recruiting this winter
Was my vote accepted? the
report was here that they
would not be on account of
the frauds that the Democrats
tried to play. I saw a piece
in the paper of a mans offering
votes of Soldiers that were
dead. Besides a number of other
tricks the vile reptiles (copperheads)
tried to play. But was'nt
smart. Has Jim Bronson (Bronson, James) resigned?
the last I heard of him he was
home on furlough but intended
to return to his Regt in a few
days. I should think he would
feel rather down in the mouth
The weather here continues mild
and pleasant. The prisioners (prisoners)
of the Florida (Florida) came here night
before last. But the Officers
were sent to the Old Capitol prision (prison)Old Capitol Prison
at Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) . The men
were from all nations, and a
hard looking lot. The Officers were
smart looking and neatly dressed
in new uniformes (uniforms) of confederate
gray and wore naval caps similar
to those worn by U.S. navy (United States Navy)
The vessel has been ordered to New York (New York)

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