Letter written by D. M. from Camp Pleaseante Valley to his mother on October 23,1862

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Letter written by D. M. from Camp Pleasant Valley, Virginia, on October 23,1862 to his mother: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp pleaseante (Pleasant)  valy (Valley) (Camp Pleasant Valley, Virginia) (Pleasant Valley, Virginia)   Oct 23
Dear Mother

it is with
pleasure that i
wright (write) to you
i am well and
hope that all of
you are the same
it is as cold as
greeneland (Greenland) (Greenland) here the
Wind blows like a
hericane (hurricane) the boys
are a holding down
there (their) tents for to
excape them from
blowing them over
i have got my overcot (overcoat)
on and i am so
cold that i cant hardley (hardly)
wright (write) so i will
haft (have) to go and
warme (warm) before i wright (write)
eny (any) more so good by [now?]

PAGE IMAGE i have got warm and
felle (feel) a littelle (little) better
but i cant right (wwrite)  eny (any)
better because my hand
trembels (trebles) so we have
got Marching orders
and i donte (dont) know how
long (longe) before we will
march i wish it was
to day for i want
to git (get) out of this darne (darn)
hole. they say that
we are a going [well?]
in vergina (Virginia) (Virginia) i hope so.
thare (there)  hante (hasn't)  hardley (hardly) a [loose? "loss"?]
in the [??] of Maryland (Maryland)
thare (there) is a nigger shanty
wright (right) down here a
littell (little)  wase (ways) the boys
go down thare (there) and
git (get) them for to
coock (cook) for theme (them)  thare (there)
is a mill only a
PAGE IMAGEwright (write) soon

from your
son D M Esq. (M., D.)

send me tow (two) postage

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