Letter written by Henry L. Jay Family from Ithaca Academy to sister Tarbell on June 6, 1861

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Letter written by Henry L. Jay Family from Ithaca Academy to sister Tarbell on June 6, 1861: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEThird Story Room No 10
Ithaca (Ithaca, New York) Academy June 6 1861
[11.23 A.n.d.?] Dear Sister Tarbell (Tarbell (sister)) -

Your letter was received per
Capt Rowe (Rowe (Captain)) on Monday - You can bet I
was glad to hear from you - I had really
begun to think as I said in the letter I wrote
at LudlowvilleLudlowville, New York that you didnt intend to
write at all - We had got the idea from
letters & deserters up here that your Capt spent
most of his time in Hotels in New York (New York) . Price (Price)
of the Lud [how do I tag this?] crew who refused to take the
oath told me that he didnt see the Capt
while he was in N.Y. (New York) (New York) We are all glad to hear
these stories contradicted in toto & see them
vanish into thin air. I have read several
letters from Godley (Godley) & others and all seem
to agree on one point that is that when
you first went there at least your fare was
most miserable and a disgrace to those

PAGE IMAGE who prepared it & set it before you - I am
glad to know that it has improved. Do you
have any sport in camps? How long do
you drill per diem? Please give me a
general account of your operations it will
interest me much. Tell me about the boys
whom I know. I should like especially to
hear from Brockett (Brockett) I had a notion
that he was quite a fellow Does he resist
temptation or is he rather tough. [Prof?] gets
off so bad notes at the table as he used
to the other day [??] went somewhere
and got some root beer she declared
she was tight, I told her in less than
a week it would be all over town that
she was tight [??] said Yes everyone
will say that you got [co-tive?]. Old [Asa?]
he ought to know better than to talk
so before folks -

Ive been trying ever since
you wrote to lay down my arms as you
commanded but have failed entirely
& have come to the conclusion that if you

PAGE IMAGE want my arms laid down you can
come up, cut them off & lay them down
yourself. [Mrs. N?] still insists that
all rebels should be hung & asks Prof every
night if some [now?] [pendents?] [aunt?]
Blood thirsty woman!! I do really wish
that I were with you I feel full more
[patmotive?] than I did two or six weeks
ago - But theres no use wishing. How
are your sleeping rooms made? What makes
them so dirty? Hope you dont use them
for privys - Lamons (Lamons) - Oh I told you
that in my other letter -

Prof still insists
on playing ball - gets out nearly every
time. the other day we mad (made) him catch
& after the ball came through two or
three times it hit his probosis (proboscis) and
bled it profusely. he bumped his shin
the other day so that he can hardly walk
I must render you a thousand thanks
for your straw which you left
I (it) is a great improvement to my bed

PAGE IMAGE Merrett (Merrett) & Lot (Lot) are still thick - I punch
her hard (nothing meant) on her relations
to him - She spoke about writing to you
& I told her not to say anything about
[n?] - for you wouldnt believe her
Told her that she might as well have told
the wind that she had nothing but friendly
feelings for him as to tell you &c &c
Lett (Lett) hasnt returned & Electa Blodgett (Blodgett, Electa)
[10?] hen to take care of Florence (Florence) - Shall be
glad when Lett (Lett) gets back -

Ithaca (Ithaca, New York) is
very quiet - war seems not to be
thought of - I havent been to see Misses
S (S) & Y (y) yet but dont want to very bad -
Myers (Myers) says that "he misses you for one
thing, wishes you good luck, & if you were
here would have lots of fun with you."
All the boys send regards - Remember
me to Nyckoff (Nyckoff) - How is he? you know
he was far from well when he
left here - I spoke Gen Butler (Butler, Benjamin Franklin (General)) s
speech delivered at Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland) a

PAGE IMAGE week or so ago - Prof couldnt keep the boys
from cheering. Its an old [ripter?] -
The Tribune correspondant at Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
seems scared & thinks Jeff Davis (Davis, Jefferson) is
near Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) with 60,000 troops
& advises that 30,000 more troops be sent on
He reasons pretty well & I hope our
[--l--s?] will be on the safe side.
Gibbs (Gibbs) came a great [note?] on Merritt (Merritt)
Cunningham (Cunningham) & Co the other day
He drove down there with a horse buggy
& asked them to ride - The (They) got in with
their dressing gowns & slippers on &
he drove them way up to Halsey (Halsey) s
mill stopped [tred?] & they had to
walk all the way home in their
outlandish apparel - He upturned
King (King) s room not long since & yesterda
King came up and such a looking
room as he made of Gibbs (Gibbs) was a
sight to see

Write soon
Truly your friend Henry L Jay (Jay, Henry L.) Doct Tarbell (Tarbell, Doctor)
[?? Dor--y?]
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