Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from post hospital to his wife on November 9, 1862

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Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from post hospital, on November 9, 1862, to his wife, Alma C. Stannard (Alma C. Simmons): a machine readable transcription

post Hospital Nov 9
Dear wife (Stannard, Dwight W. (Mrs., Alma C. Simmons)) (Stannard, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard)) (Simmons, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard))

I recived (received) your kind letter last
night and was glad to hear from
you glad to hear that you was
well and all the rest of the
foalks (folks) I am as well as common to
night I went over to see charles (Charles)
this morning and when I got in
site (sight) of their camp they had all
of their tents struck and was
readdy (ready) to march but they did not
march till noon and I had a first
time with the boys they are all
well and was glad that they was
a goan (going) when they march I went
a fill with the and they all
wanted I should go with them
and if I could of got my pay
with them I would of went with

PAGE IMAGE them but I think I shall
do better then that befour (before) I get
them with this thing for I think
that I shall get my dicharge (discharge)
befour (before) I get them if I dont
I shall stay hear (here) the winter
Charles (Charles) wants to now (know) what in
hell is the reason that our folks
dont right (write) to him he says that
he has rote (wrote) to you all and has
not recived (received) no answer from enny (any)
of you, and he says you can
right (write)  jest (just) as if nothing had
happen I told the boys that they
had seen their best times they
are a goan (going) to try the same
trip that I did up in the
mountains and their [sept?] [bread?]
has plaid (played) out now they will
have to com (come) to hard tacks now
their (there) is a man in the tent
with us to night and what
PAGE IMAGE do you think he says about
the soldiers wives that
are to home he says that they
spruse (spruce) up with their monney (money)
and then they go to danses (dances)
and the yong (young)  fellers (fellows) will go
home with them and some of
them get in a bad way I
hope you dont the same for
if you do you must support
the little ones for I suppose
you would like som (some)  monney (money)
but you cant get it till I
get it and I have hard that
they was not a goant (going) to pay
us off till the first of Jenary January and if that is so you
will be pretty hard up befour (before)
you get it but if I should
com (come) home I will fetch you
som (some) you said that I had not
said nothing a bout my pay
PAGE IMAGE what would you like to have
me say I say that you must
take good care of him and
when I get home I will say
somthing (something) to him and do
somthing (something) to him that box
com (come) all safe the bottle of
rum was broke it wet the
cakes som (some) but they was
first rat (rate) this is all for
this time right (write) as soon
as you get this so good
night this from your

yours truly Dwight W Stannard (Stannard, Dwight W.)

when you mary (Mary) asks hear (her)
if that ring com (come) all safe
kiss my boy for me and
tell him to dry up
direct your letters to the

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