Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his brother Gustavus, from Camp on the Potomac, near the battlefield of Antietam, September 25, 1862

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Camp on the Potomac River, near the battlefield of Antietam [Sharpsburg, Maryland], September 25, 1862, to his uncle Gustavus M. Palmer, 101st Regiment

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PAGE IMAGE                                                  Camp on the Potomac (Potomac River) , near the
                                                            Battle field of Antietam (Antietam, Maryland) , Sept 25, 1862.
Dear Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) ,

                                    I started from Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
on Monday at 7.40 A.M. Arriving at Frederick (Frederick, Maryland) ,
after awhile I was so fortunate as to get a
ride on the mail wagon, of King's Division (King's Division) ,
with several other officers. We came to
Boonesboro (Boonesboro, Maryland) ? Over the mountains, through
Turner's Gap (Turner's Gap, Maryland) . Where the battles of Sunday
(South Mt.) was fought, where we stand
that night. The next morning, we came
on. I found our Div. without much
difficulty, but coming upon our baggage
wagons, I found that our Brigade
had just moved. I got a horse of
Q.M. Rowan (Rowan (Quarter Master)) , & came on to the Reg.
They had gone but a little ways. I
was immediately put on picket duty,
with 20 men of our Reg. at Shepherd's Ford (Shepherd's Ford, Virginia) ,
about 3 miles further up the river.

Part 2
PAGE IMAGE our pickets were fired on frequently
during the next day, by the rebel pick-
ets, & the firing was kept up between
them till nearly night. We had some
pretty sharp firing.- We were relieved
about midnight, last night, by Gen. Couch (Couch, Darius Nash (Brigadier General)) 's
Division picket, & came in
to camp. We now have orders to
march.- I have but a moment
to write.- Sherman (Sherman) , Handley (Handley) , Roberts (Roberts) ,
were killed in the last battle; Knight (Knight)
was mortally wounded & has since
died. McChristol (McChristol) , John Williams (Williams, John) ,
Hayden & one or two others were severely
wounded. Hayden (Hayden) will probably die.
Will write particulars next opportu-
nity. Out of 203, of our Reg. who
went into the fight, 95 were killed
& wounded.-

                                        Yours &c
R. P. Cady (Cady, Rush Palmer (Lieutenant)) .
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