Letter written by W. S. Wilcox from Camp Onandaga, South Carolina to his sister on June 14, 1861

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Letter written by W. S. Wilcox from Camp Onondaga, Washington, DC, to his sister on June 14, 1861: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp OnandagaD.C. (District of Columbia) (Camp Onondaga, Washington, District of Columbia)

June 14th - 61 -
Mrs W H Ostander  Esq.

Dear Sister

I have just received your
kind note & was very glad to hear from
you - I have been very sick - as you may see by this scribbling
but you must excuse & with Dihorrea (Diarrhea) & to-day is the first
that I have left my bed for nearly a week but thanks to
the kindness & skill of my newly made friends here I am
able to be around once again although so weak I can scarcely stand
alone or hold a pen - I thought at one time Sunday that Bill
was a goner & I doubt not but that it would have been a close
call if I had been obliged to remained here in the Hospital
a large tent crowded with sick & hot to suffocation - with
but half care - & a fool to die - But as luck would
have it some of my Lady friends happened to call - bringing
with them some nice eatables which dared not taste
& finding me ill proposed that I should go home with
them & allow them to doctor me up - to which I finally
consented as I saw it gave them pain to have me refuse

PAGE IMAGE their hospitalities & the Capt. so [... gap ...]
you are well - so they took me a [... gap ...]
cool soon - & attended me like a P [... gap ...]
me as for that I came out to camp [... gap ...]
I now am - but not until I promised [... gap ...]
God bless the Ladies of Washington I [... gap ...]
then - with the deepest regard for t [... gap ...]
life - many thanks for those Postage st [... gap ...]
just in the right time as I have bee [... gap ...]
letters will not be forwarded from this [... gap ...]
You spake of money in your note I know [... gap ...]
have none to spare & if you had I would not ask it you have
done already more than you could well afford but when I
return I will try & repay it - We received our pay last
week from N.Y. (New York) State. but it took nearly all mine to
pay up what I had borrowed as I had but little when I left
Syracuse & had to board myself at Elmira about half the
time or starve & along the road from that place
here & after our arrival for several days so that with other
necesaeys (necessities) reduced my pile considerable you may judge
- My share of state pay amounted to $5.20 - five
dollars & twenty cents - that of the privates - $4.68 - four
dollars & 68 cents w much for being Drummer - of which
I have just one dollar & thirty one cents $1.31 - left with
which I intend starting a band - You expect me to
write what we receive for grub it is this - one pint of
coffee - with a little sugar no milk - for each man twice a
day a little fresh beef as bacon & a loaf of Bakers bread constitutes
one days ration except occasionaly one half pint of
PAGE IMAGE rice to five men - what do you think of that for
Hotel fare? The Revolver I am not certain of - although
I need it very much - a Susan said she had looke (looked) around
yet but wished me to write & let her know where to direct
to me so that I would receive whatever might come which
I did two weeks ago but have received no answer yet
I begin to think my letter did not reach her as it was
only franked I wrote to her this morning but the letter will
not go through I am afraid a it had no Postage on so I wish
you would write to her as soon as you receive this - the same hour
& tell her that I need a revolver very much & if she will send me
one or the price of one - they cost $18.00 here - I will repay her
her - John Life said in Susans letter if he was sure of my address
he would send me some money, tell him it would come
very good - as a dollar here sometimes saves a man's life - but
if he cannot send both tell him to give it - the money - towards
a Revolver as I have no arms - I think of taking the oath for 3 years
or during the war i.e. if I live until the end of my 3 months
service but soldiering is a hard life - Tell Jermimah I am
thankful for her love & that I send mine in return - but she
must not tell Mary. Enclosed you will find a picture for
Henry which I jsut bought for 6 cents - Remember me to J. &
family not forgetting Sarah - tell Will he need not fear I wont
run when I see the enemy - I have been handed 2 more letters one
from Jerry & one from - somebody else I dont believe you can read
this for there is no sense in it but you mut excuse -
Give my love to all for you know I have a large heart from
affectionate brother

W S Wilcox PS

send my address to Susan W -

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