Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, from Camp at Whitehouse, June 25, 1863

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Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, from Camp at White House, Virginia, on June 25, 1863, recipient unknown: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp at Whitehouse (White House, Virginia)
June 25th/63

We laid at
Yorktown (Yorktown, Virginia) till this morning
at three O clock when we were
ordered to strike our tents
for a march. We did not
march a great way -- only
down to the Yorktown (Yorktown, Virginia) wharf.
There we got aboard the
Transport. ( John Brooks (Brooks, John) ) and
started for White House (White House, Virginia)
18 miles east of  Richmond (Richmond, Virginia)
we arrived here about 3 oclock
The Rebs had torn up the R. Road
here a little ways. They have
built a battery here on a
branch of the road to run
a car with a large gun
to use on our Gun boats
when they came up the

River. Night before last
some of our forces
drove them away from
here. There were about
400 of their Cavalry
Perhaps you will wonder
how they were driven away
and why the gun wasnt
captured. the reason was
they had not got their
Battery completed and did
not run the gun up here
only in the daytime & took
it back nights. Our Marines
have burnt the wood work
in the Battery. It was a
pivot platform for the
Gun car to run onto
I have just been out and
picked a pint of Blackberrys (blackberries).
As we came up the
[Pomunky]   River (Pomunky? River) I saw fields
of oats harvested and in
the [shock] . Our whole
division will be here by
morning I dont know the
exact number of men in
it, but I think between six
& ten thousand perhaps
more. The 103d N. York brass Band (103rd New York Brass Band)
are out playing which seems
like home. They are now
playing a piece of church
Saturday June 26th/63
Troops have been comeing (coming)
in all night. There are 20,000
here now & Genl. Keyes (Keyes, Erasmus Darwin (General)) &
Dix (Dix, John Adams (General)) was here this morning
I have just come in from
inspection. Evelyn Kinnie (Kinnie, Evelyn)
was here to see me to day (today)
his Battery is camped haff (half)
amile (a mile) to the left.
The house where Washington (Washington, George (General))
was married is a few rods in
the rear of our camp
Sunday 28th/63
I am about a mile
from camp on picket.
Gen Dix (Dix, John Adams (General)) & staff passed
here a few moments ago
He is an old gray headed man
& a noble looking Genl
I saw Lieut Walter Stocking (Stocking, Walter (Lieutenant))
at Yorktown (Yorktown, Virginia) . He looked well
and the boys in his Battery like
him first rate. Geo Mannering (Mannering, George) &
Charley Sumner (Sumner, Charley) are under him
There are three lines of pickets
out besides the reserve. I am
on the reserve. The first line
is cavalry the rest infantry

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