Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his uncle and aunt from Camp near Fairfax Station, Virginia, December 24, 1862

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Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Camp near Fairfax Station, Virginia, on December 24, 1862, to his uncle and aunt, Franklin and Polly Tanner, of South Granville, New York: a machine readable transcription


?TA? [postmark unclear]

Mr Franklin Tanner (Tanner, Franklin)
South Granville
Washington County
NY (New York) (South Granville, New York) (Washington County, New York)

PAGE IMAGECamp..near..Fairfax Station (Fairfax Station, Virginia)
Dec' 24th 1862 Dear Uncle (Tanner, Franklin) and.. Aunt (Tanner, Franklin (Mrs., Polly C.)) (Tanner, Polly C. (Mrs. Franklin Tanner)) ..

It is with
a sorrowfull (sorrowful) heart that I sit
down this afternoon to write to
you! lieutenent Cory (Cory (Lieutenant)) arrived
here this forenoon telling me
of the death of my friend and
comrad (comrade)  Smith Hewitt (Hewitt, Smith) ! I had not
heard from him since we left
the ferry and it was Solemn news
for me for he was a good and true
friend. he was very sick when we
left the old camp but little did
I think when I shook hands with
him and bid him good bye that
I was bidding him good bye
forever. forever no it shall be
my prayer that when death
claims me for its victim that

PAGE IMAGE I amy be as well prepared as he
was and join him in that
bright land where all trouble
is at an end I feel sorry
for his friends at home it
will be a hard blow to them
tell his Mother that he has
been a good boy down here
and I think he was well prepared
to meet his God in peace.
we have had a very hard march
since I wrote to you before we
marched seven days hardly
stoping (stopping) long enough between
day light and dark to eat our
scanty rations which
consisted of eight hard crackers
a day we did not stay for rain
but kept on with the same
steady tramp we marched down
within 25 [28?] miles of Frederickburg (Fredericksburg) (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
we could hear the roar of the cannon as it was sweeping
PAGE IMAGE down the men. we expected
to go into the fight but
we were ordered back we
marched back to where we are
now that march was awful
the men all took cold
and now they most all have
a hard cough as for myself
I stood it well and I was never
was in better health than I am
now you wrote that you wanted
to know what I thought
you had better do with your
farm next year I think you
had better let it out and not
work yourself I would like to
take it but I think I shall
be a soldiering for a year or so
longer but its growing dark
and I must close by bidding
you good bye from your
Soldier boy

pleas (please) write soon Henry (Welch, Henry)

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