Letter written by O.B. Pierce Colonel to Rush P. Cady of Rome, New York, from Rome, New York , August 30, 1861

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Letter written by O.B. Pierce Colonel to Rush P. Cady of Rome, New York, from Albany, New York , August 30, 1861

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Rush P. Cady Esq.
Rome, N.Y. (New York)

PAGE IMAGE Head Quarters, Mohawk Regiment —
Guards of Liberty & Union—
Rome, N.Y. (New York)  Aug 30th 1861 My Dear Sir:

Anxious, both for the public service, and my own enjoy-
ment, to secure, as a member of my military family, a gentleman of
ready ability, ardent patriotism, and christian principles, I hereby press
your acceptance of the responsible post of Adjutant, pending the organ-
ization of the regiment—to be followed, I hope, by your commission to
that place when the command shall be ready to take the first.

An early answer will oblige
Yours, Truly,
O. B. Pierce  Colonel Rush P. Cady, Esq.
Rome, N.Y. (New York) P.S.

It will be in the range of your duties to keep the records of the regi-
ment, to attend to the public official correspondence, to receive, revise,
(when necessary,) and present to the commander of the regiment, all reports
of company officers, and to supervise, generally under the direction of
the colonel, the affairs of the regiment.

All orders issue, in course, (not necessarily,) through you, who are
charged with seeing to their execution, or to report if they are not executed. You
are Chief of the Staff—(not including colonel, Lieut Col, & Major,) your
rank, I believe, that of Lieutenant, and your pay, that of Captain, $60 a
month, besides $8 a month, for forage for your horse. You furnish,
I believe, your own horse, your arms, uniform & horse equipments, & room yourself.
It would be my study to make your duties as pleasant as possible.

O.B. P.
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