Letter written by Frances Bartlett from Cascade to her sister on May 2, 1862

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Letter written by Frances E. Bartlett from Cascade on May 2, 1862 to her sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECascadeMay the 21862
Dear Sister

I received your letter and was
glad to hear from you we are
all well at preasant (present) and hope
these few lines will finde (find) you
all the same I havent much
news to write so you must
not scholde (scold) if I donte (dont) write
a very longue (long) letter this time
I havent heard from Leon (Leon) in
some time the last letter
was written the 12th of March
New Orleanes (Orleans) (New Orleans, Louisiana) is taken so proberly (probably)
they are there, there is no mail
privilidges (privileges) there or I should hear
oftner (oftener) I will sende (send) you a couple
of papers with letters in from
him I hope this war is about
done with folks seemes (seems) to think
so hear the hardest strugle (struggle) is

PAGE IMAGEMay the 6 well I will begin
again I got a letter from
Leon (Leon) last Saturday dated
the 24th of March he was
at Ship Island (Ship Island, Mississippi) then but
the Lord onley (only) knows
where thay (they) are now he
said he had not heard a
worde (word) from the north since
he left fortress mound
he was impatient to hear
what was going on up in
North America (North America) John (John) and
Madison Hague (Hague, Madison) is sick thay (they)
are at pitsburg (Pittsburg) landing (Pittsburg Landing, Pennsylvania)
there has ben (been)  severel (several) deaths
in Capt Rogers (Rogers (Captain)) Co that
went from hear (here)  ocasiend (occasioned)
by homesickness it led into
feavirs (fevers) I havent heard from
Marand (Marand) in a long time
PAGE IMAGE and as for Lois (Lois) I have almost
forgotten that there is
such a person in the world
it has ben (been) so longue (long)
since I heard from her
if you have heard from them
Just inform me of the
fact I would like to [Petts?]
post ofice (office)  adress (address) so I could
write to her tell them
and Mary (Mary) I wish them
much Joy Eugene (Eugene) sayes (says)
he wants to see grandma
and aunt zina (Zina (Aunt)) and
all the rest of the folks
and so do I write soone (soon)
write often and tell the
rest to write well I hav (have)
scribled (scribbled)  enof (enough) for this time
so good by from your Sister

Frances E Bartlett (Bartlett, Frances E.)
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