Letter written by Martin P. Heny from The Lillian to Henry Flanders on September 7, 1864

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Letter written by Martin P. Henry from the USS Lillian on September 7, 1864 to Henry Flanders, Esq.: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEThe LillianUSS Lillian
Dear Sir

On behalf of Captain Nest (Nest (Captain))
the officers and crew of the U. S. Ship
MassachusettsUSS Massachusetts, I will ask before
you file any report of the [-epess?]
present at the capture of the
LillianUSS Lillian, that I may be afforded
the opportunity of [-i- -is tis?] turning
to [repport?] (report) of the claim of the U.S.
Ship MassachusettsUSS Massachusetts to participate
in the capture.

[??] truly yours Martin P Henry (Henry, Martin P.) September 7, 1864 Henry Flanders Esq (Flanders, Henry)
N. S. Prag's Co[unclear] (N.S. Prag's Co?)

PAGE IMAGE The Lillian
Claim of the USS
MassachusettsUSS Massachusetts

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