Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Fairfax Seminary Hospital to his wife on October 8, 1862

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Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Fairfax Seminary Hospital, Virginia, on October 8, 1862, to his wife, Alma C. Stannard (Alma C. Simmons): a machine readable transcription: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEFairfax (Fairfax, Virginia) Seminary Hospital
Oct the 8 1862
Dear wife (Stannard, Dwight W. (Mrs., Alma C. Simmons))

I recived (received) your letter this after noon
and was glad to hear from you
all glad to hear that you are all
well and are having such a good
time I should like to have been
their (there) with you if I ever get home
you can bet we all will have a time
but I think it is doubtfull if I ever
get home it seems to me that I shall
never you a gane (again) but I hope I shall
but dont you give your self enney (any)
trouble a bout what Charles fenton (Fenton, Charles)
said about his comming (coming) after me
for if he should com (come)  hear (here) the
docter (doctor) would kick his ass for him
for I have seen capttins (captains)  com (come)  hear (here)
after some of their mean (men) and if
the did not want to go docter  Levitt (Levitt (Doctor))

PAGE IMAGE would tell them to leave
the house so you can tell Charles
fenton (Fenton, Charles) to ciss (kiss) my ass that he cant
me unless I want to go with him
docter  Smith (Smith (Doctor)) said the other day
that these men that was detaild (detailed) could
go to their rigments (regiments) as long as they
don (done) their duty well we had some
frum (from)  hear (here) the other morning one of
these sittern nursses (nurses) was put under
gard (guard) for steelling (stealing) a wallet from one
of his sick men that he was taken
car (care) of and he was found gilty (guilty) and
his head was shaved and he was drumb (drummed)
out of Camp at the point of
bayernet (bayonet) they march him all a round
the yard made him carry his hat in
his hand the docters (doctors) dont like enney (any)
of them verry (very) well but they have
got to ceep (keep) them if enney (any) of them
give one of the soldiers surses one
word of their lip down goes their
shit house and if they say one word
PAGE IMAGEsomboddy (somebody)  els (else) will kick him so they
hafter (have to) carry a stiff upper lip a round
hear (here) if they had inlisted (enlisted) to fight for
their cuntry (country) and had come hear (here) sick
and was detald (detailed) that would look better
but they dair (dare) not do that so to get
read (rid) of being drafted they would
inlist (enlist) for a nurse they have got a
first rate back for a napsack (knapsack) does
Charles fenton (Fenton, Charles) think that I will do as
he says if he does he is mity (mighty) mis
taken for as long as I stay hear (here) I
have got sombody (somebody)  els (else) for a boss if
they want me they had better send
the ordly (orderly) after me for I shant go
unless I wanter (want to) go I suppose you are
wating (waiting)  verry (very)  patisen (patient) for some monney (money)
but I think that they wont pay
us till next month and that will
be four monts (months) pay but if I can
get two monts (months) pay I will and
send it to you as soon as I can
tell the girls that I will right (write)
PAGE IMAGE to them as soon as I get time
tell Ett (Ett) that she must not get
mad for I have not got much
time to right (write) to enney (any)  boddy (body) but
she shall get the next one this
is all I can think of to night
you must right (write) as soon as you
get this not wate (wait) a weak (week) or
to (two) for it is some compney (company) to
read a letter from home and you
must right (write) if you dont I want
I wish my boy was hear (here) with
me and you to (too) do you think
of sending me a box or not you
dont say enney (any) thing a bout it
right (write) as son (soon) as you get this
this is all so good night this
from your husband

your truly D W (Stannard, Dwight W.)
Dwight Stannard  Dwight Stannard (Stannard, Dwight W.)

I like to fergat (forgot) to tell you that I
am well and hope you are all the same

does my boy
talk enney (any)
or dont you try
to learn him
enney (any) thing I wish
I was their (there) I want
show you a trick
with a sale in it

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