Letter written by Doctor Tabell from General Hospital, Alexandria, Virginia to his sister Mary on November 19, 1861

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Letter written by Doctor Tarbell from General Hospital, Alexandria, Virginia, on November 19, 1861, to his sister Mary: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE UNION General Hospital Alex (Alexandria), Va (Virginia)Alexandria, Virginia
Nov 19, 1861 Sister MaryMary

Yours of a date not
very recent is at hand &
would have been answered
long ere this had it not
been for reasons of which
you are well acquainted;
for ten weeks its possessor
has been confined to the
house & for a long time to
the bed, but through patience
& skill both of Physician & Nurse
he is again restored to
health. I say heath (health) I have
not yet been pronounced
strong enough to go back to

PAGE IMAGE camp for duty I think that by
the last of the week I shall
go any way. Last Thursday
there was a grand Review
of all the troops back of Alex (Alexandria) (Alexandria, Virginia) ,
I was carried to & from camp
it was the most splendid
sight I ever saw no review
has ever compared to it
although there has been at
several times a much larger
No. together.
The Prince Voinville (Voinville (Prince)) & Lady (Voinville (Lady))
were on the field. He is
very modest & unassuming
she gay, & proud. The day
was very pleasant & every
thing was conducted in
the very best order. the 20th
there is to be a review at Arlington
Heights (Arlington Heights, Virginia) there will probably
be on the field 75,000
men & from that No. are
to be chosen the men who
PAGE IMAGE are to sail in the next fleet
which will soon be fitted
out but as to its destination
no one knows. There has been a
great deal of talk that our, 32d
Regt (N.Y.V) (32nd Regiment, New York Volunteers) will go I really hope
it will. We can hope as much
as we chose & guess till we
are tired & there we are never
sure of a movement till
it is being made the soldier
when he lays down
at night know not what
hour he is to be awakened or
where he will be when sun rises
Wednesday 20th To day is the day for
the review every soldier is out of
town I have just been walking
out a little & it seems by the
way things look & the moves
that there is to be & will be a great
battle within two days 13 four horse
Ambluances have just started from here
no one can find out in town where they
are going but with out doubt they are
PAGE IMAGE to follow up the division which has
left to day. It may be that there will
be no battle but things look that
way. The Government have taken
possession of the "Mansion house"
the largest hotel in the City it is
all ready now for the wounded
& by the way there are to be none
but wounded in it. I wish you
would inform me in what Regt
of State Volunteers your uncles son
Lauder (Lauder) is & what his rank is
you said in one of your letters that
he was at the battle of Bull Run (Bull Run, Virginia)
The Minesota (Minnesota) 1st Regt (1st Regiment, Minnesota) were the
right & left guard of the column all
the way to Fairfax (Fairfax, Virginia) . they were selected
on account of their being sharp shooters
they gave a good account of themselves
on the battle-field to borrowing
the words of another "they fought
like Tigers" & I will say this much
had every other Regt. been as
couragous (courageous) as they & had it not
been for the influence of poor
whiskey & Brandy we would
never retreated in the disorder
in which we did.
PAGE IMAGE but we trust that the army has
become more thoroughly organized
& disciplined & since the taking
of Hateras (Hatteras)  Inlet (Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina) & the landing of
troops in Beaufort (Beaufort, South Carolina) there has been
a spirit going through every camp
that has seemed to awaken in the
heart of every soldier a desire to go
on to victory, I have been informed
by some of my friends that among a class
there seems to be a doubt, of this victory
because our army has met with
some reverses 'tis true we lost some
men & provisions at Bull Run (Bull Run, Virginia)
& Ball-bluff (Ball's bluff) (Ball's Bluff, Loudoun County, Virginia) (Loudoun County, Virginia) , but can we reasonably
expect that we shall
win in every battle, Washington (Washington, George (General))
conquered a much stronger power
with much less men & he was
not victorious in every battle
Wellington (Wellesley, Arthur, 1st Duke of Wellington) conquered Bonepart (Bonaparte, Napoleon)
& what reason have we for feeling
disheartened altho we lose a few
PAGE IMAGE battles & have to sacrafice (sacrifice) a few
friends 'tis nothing compared
to Liberty, for which WarrenWarren said
it was saved for him to die.
I sometimes think it would
be pleasant to teach the coming
winter in Groton (Groton) , but am
content to stay where I am
friends insist upon my getting
a furlough but I shall not
It is very pleasant weather
there is some difference in
the climate though not so much
as I had mad (made) calculation
give my love to all friends
I will try & write to Edward (Edward)
in a few days begging to
hear from you again in a
short time I remain your friend

Doctor Tarbell (Tarbell, Doctor) (P.S)

Please tell me who is
the best author for a beginner in
D. T (Tarbell, Doctor)

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