Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his parents of Rome, New York, from Washington, District of Columbia, August 31, 1862

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his parents of Rome, New York, from Washington, District of Columbia, August 31, 1862


WASHINGTON D.C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)
SEP [day unclear] 1862

Mr. D. Cady (Cady, Daniel) ,
N.Y. (New York)


[written in margins: Aug. 31st ‘62]

PAGE IMAGE Mrs. Bannerman (Bannerman (Mrs.)) 's, 447 Penna. Ave.
WASHINGTOND. C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)   Aug. 31, 1862. Dear Parents,

There has been terrible fighting about
Bull Run (Bull Run, Virginia) & Manassas (Manassas, Virginia) during the past two or three
days. All day yesterday the artillery firing was
incessant, & plainly distinguishable from points
in the city. The news this morning - in the “Sunday
Morning Chronicle”, is, that the rebels are de-
feated at all points; that our troops are in posses-
sion of the battle-field; that we have mad (made) great
captures, & that the rebels are retreating to the
mountains. I copy a paragraph, which it
is to be hoped is true. “The town was full of rumors
& speculations last night. Among those which gained
credence, was the report that Jackson (Jackson) & 16,000 of his
men had been taken prisoners. We trust that this
report, or the greater portion of it, is true. Jackson (Jackson)
made a bold movement, in attempting to get in Pope (Pope, John (General)) 's
rear, & he was buoyed up with the hope that he wo'd,
in his endeavor to capture the Army of Va. (Virginia) (Virginia) (Army of Virginia), be assisted by Gen. Lee (Lee, Robert E. (General)) .

PAGE IMAGE But while waiting for Lee (Lee, Robert E. (General)) , our forces, by rapid move-
ments, surrounded him, & he has no doubt surren-
dered to them. To escape from the trap he was in, would
be almost be impossible, & we therefore believe the
reported capture is correct.” Surgeons have
been sent for from Philada. (Philadelphia) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)   New York (New York, New York) &
Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland) , & have gone to the battle-field.
Also a great many surgeons, nurses, & pri-
vate citizens have gone from Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
to help take care of the wounded, & bury the
dead.- All the Hacks & Busses have been
taken possession of to carry wounded, besides
all the ambulances.- McDowel (McDowel) s' Corps (McDowell's Corps) has
of course been engaged in the battle, but
whether or not our Reg. I cant tell, but
they probably have. I shall be very
anxious to hear. A party went from this
house. They will find our Reg. if possible.

Joe (Joe) is going to start tomorrow,
to rejoin the Reg. I hope he will succeed
in getting through. I am very sorry that
I am not able to accompany him. I am
steadily improving, though my back is still

PAGE IMAGE quite weak. As far as the Jaundice is concerned,
I am almost entirely well of that. I shall
probably not be able to return in less than
10 days, & perhaps two weeks will be required
for me to get sufficiently strong. I am ex-
ceedingly sorry to have been absent at such
a critical time, especially as Joe (Joe) has been away
too. But there will doubtless be work for
us to do yet.- Several Regt's of new troops
are coming in to Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) every day. The
officers look very shiny in their new uniforms,
& the men green (as soldiers), but that
will soon wear off, with service.

People were becoming much alarmed at
the destruction of the R.R. the burning of bridges,
within so short a distance, comparatively, of
Alexandria (Alexandria, Virginia) , the destruction of so many cars
& locomotives, commissary stores, &c;
thus cutting off all communications between
Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) & Gen. Pope (Pope, John (General)) 's Army (Pope's Army). It was cer-
tainly very disgraceful that they should
have been allowed to commit such exten-
sive depredations, when it would seem as if

PAGE IMAGE McClellan (McClellan) might have prevented it, but
it is to be hoped that they will now have
to suffer the just penalty of their rashness.
I doubt not, that full communication
will be immediately restored, between Alexandria (Alexandria, Virginia)
& Manassas (Manassas, Virginia) ; and the experience of
the past few days, must teach our Gen'l's
the absolute necessity of protecting their lines
of communication, & bases of supplies, beyond
the possibility of the recurrence of such
shameful disasters.- We are having con-
siderable rain now, which was much needed,
as the ground was very dry, & it was exceed-
ingly dirty. Fruit of all kinds is abundant
in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) . They call “Mushmelons”, “can-
telopes.”- Joe (Joe) has just rec'd his valise,
& takes with him a small leather satchel, as I
shall do, if I receive min. Joe () will send it
to me, if possible, as soon as he returns.
I shall expect to hear from home by Tuesday
or Wednesday, at the furthest. Love to all.

Affectionately Your Son Rush P. Cady (Cady, Rush Palmer (Lieutenant)) .
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