Letter written by David McBirney and James Wilson from New Orleans, Louisiana to Col. General Reynolds on April 12, 1864

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Letter written by David McBirney from New Orleans, Louisiana on April 12, 1864 to Col. Morse: a machine readable transcription


NEW ORLEANS[state unclear] (Louisiana) (New Orleans, Louisiana)
APR 13 '64

[written in margins: Morse]
Col. Morris (Morse (Colonel, commander, 114th Regiment, New York))
Comdg 114th N.Y. Vol (114th Regiment, New York)
In the field
19th Army Corps (19th Army Corps)

PAGE IMAGENew OrleansLa. (Louisiana) (New Orleans, Louisiana)
April 12th 1864 Col. (Morse (Colonel, commander, 114th Regiment, New York))

General Reynolds (Reynolds, John Fulton (General)) of this
city has ordered all detached men
here to join their Regiments and
as I am in charge of the Regimental
property, I deem it essentially necessary
that I should not surender it into
other hands without your Sanction.
I have seen Capt. Deter (Deter (Captain)) of my
company and he requests me to write
to you and inform you of the facts in
the case, the Regimental property of
which I am now in charge is Stored in one
of the Cotton Presses here, and being mixed
up with the stores of other Regiments is
liable to be taken in mistake unless some
one is here to look after it. I have the honor
to request an answer as soon as possible
and if you desire me to remain in charge
of the Regimental property, please send

PAGE IMAGE an order to that effect. One reason
why we are ordered away is that there
is no Officer here to sign our provision

I am Colonel
With great respect David McBirney (McBirney, David)
James Wilson (Wilson, James)
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