Letter written by Joseph Howland from Matteawan, Duchess County New York to Lt. Pliny Moore on August 19, 1862

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Letter written by Joseph Howland from Matteawan, Duchess County, New York to Lt. Pliny Moore on August 19, 1862: a machine readable transcription


FISHKILL [unclear]N.Y (New York) (Fishkill, New York)
AUG 29

Lieut Pliny Moore (Moore, Pliny (Lieutenant)) ,
16th Regt. N.Y. Vols. (16th Regiment, New York)
Clinton Co.  N York (New York)Plattsburgh, New York

PAGE IMAGE16th Reg't N.Y.S.V. (16th Regiment, New York)
Matteawan, Duchess Co.
N.Y. (New York) (Matteawan, New York)   Augt 19th 1862.
My dear Sir:

I was very
glad to receive yesterday
your letter of the 15th
expecially (especially) as, being written
by your own hand (albeit
evidently a little Shaky),
it was an evidence of
your convalescence. I was
pleased too at your confidence
in the matter of
recruiting and I sincerely
hope that you and
Captainvan  Ness (van Ness (Captain)) may be
very sucessful. Be sure
that you only take firstrate
strong healthy men
I don't care much for a
man's looks if he be only
tough. In the field one

PAGE IMAGE of those little hickory
[themed?], "ratty" chaps is
worth two or three men
who are forever "ailing".
As to the bounty you &
van  Ness (van Ness (Captain)) will have to act
entirely in concert. If you
can get your men with
less bounty or without
additional bounty so much
the better; but you have
my offer of $20 each for
two hundred men to use
at your discretion. What
enlisted men in all [Written in margins:] from the regiment have
you & V.  Ness (van Ness (Captain)) ? Please send
me a list.
I have written for the
date of the acceptance
of Lt. Corbin (Corbin (Lieutenant)) 's resignation
and intend to nominate
you to the Gov. for the
Captaincy of Co "C" (Company C.). if you
PAGE IMAGE would like to have it.
I am sure you will do
justice to the Co.
You may use the $64.60
for the purpose you spoke
of and I also enclose
my check to you now
for $100 for recruiting expenses,
of which you &
Van  Ness (van Ness (Captain)) will please keep
an account. Don't be
afraid to spend the money
for anything which will
assist the recruiting in a
fair way.
I wish you had spent
my money for poor McFadden (McFadden) 's
funeral. Please
send me the address of his
nearest relative and the
date of his death. He was
a noble fellow and a
fine officer.
PAGE IMAGE I should like very much
to go north, but I am
not exactly in condition
to travel - Rest and
quiet are what I most
need. I wish I could
give you a very good account
of my self, but I
am improving only very
slowly - the least excitement
or fatigue is followed
by great exhaustion.
The doctor has [??] putting
off my return and I am
afraid it will be some
time before I see the regiment
I shall be glad to hear
from you very often.

Believe me
Sincerely your friend Joseph Howland (Howland, Joseph) Col. 16th N.Y.S.V. (16th Regiment, New York) Lt. Moore (Moore, Pliny (Lieutenant))
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