Letter written by Ada from Honesdale to Mary on January 21, 1863

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Letter written by Ada from Honesdale, Pennsylvania, to Mary on January 21, 1863: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEHonesdale (Honesdale, Pennsylvania) Jan 21st / 63
Wed. evening
My dear Mary (Mary) ,

I will commence by making various
apologies that I have forgotten every time
I have written. 1st to day that I'm sorry
to have sent so few beans, but that we
had to pack it in such a hurry there
was no time to shell more. You must
understand that it was more to show we
remembered your tastes, than anything
else. 2nd to express the hope, which w'd (we would)
have eminently proper in my previous
letters, that the sausage was to your taste.
3d to beg you to accept the honey &
consider the box sent in the first place
with all due regard to these forms
of etiquette for indeed I have been
ashamed to think how we tumbled
it down upon without so much as

PAGE IMAGE saying "By your leave".

Next I wish to tell you that twice
I have written to you for the purposes of
informing you that we were preparing
a Box for 1st Ward & having omitted it
I will now remark that the box was started
Tuesday [??] >Del. Sack. & U. R.Road, addressed
to Mr. Hewitt (Hewitt (Mr.)) Head Ward master. A letter
was sent to him by mail & I also wrote
Mrs. Sampson (Sampson (Mrs.)) that it had started & that
there was a package in it addressed to
her containing 6 prs socks, & two wrappers &
that I had written Mr Hewitt (Hewitt (Mr.)) to give her a
suit of flannel, 1/2 doz needle books, one or
two bottles of whiskey & 1 dozen candles.
The whiskey Mrs. Penniman (Penniman (Mrs.)) sent for
bathing or for drinks if preferred & I felt
sure Mr H. (H. (Mr.)) & Mrs. S. (S. (Mrs.)) w'd use it judiciously.
I confess Mrs. Scott (Scott (Mrs.)) is not so sure to
me. If Mr. Hewitt (Hewitt (Mr.)) sh'd be absent I
think Mrs. Sampson (Sampson (Mrs.)) will be on the
lookout for it & I hope it will not
have to pass thro' so many "inspections"

PAGE IMAGE as to become beautifully less before
reaching the 1st Ward. I sent a package
of candles to Wm. Brown (Brown, William) to distribute,
needlebooks, towels & paper to Thos. Craven (Craven, Thomas)
to distribute. [-bas?] very [day?] not to send
something particularly addressed to each
of my thirty or 40 friends but c'd not manage
it. Also asked Mrs Sampson (Sampson (Mrs.)) to give [B-nar?] Trumble Root (Trumble Root, [B-nar?])
& Addis (Addis) each a needle-book, &
sent her & Mrs Scott (Scott (Mrs.)) one with notes.
the latter I tho't needed the remainder to
sew on buttons &c for the men.

I was sorry not to know who to send the
wrappers to. the ladies said they wished
they c'd be addressed to particular [mes? men?]
all of them, but I tho't none I left in bed
had the prospect of sitting up for a long
time yet. I wish you would suggest
any names to Mr. Hewitt (Hewitt (Mr.)) that you
think of. I sent some Question Books to
Hatch (Hatch) with a letter to suggest that he, Craven (Craven) , Roth (Roth)
Tupper (Tubber) & Whaley (Whaley) sh'd study the Bible
together Sund afts. I c'd only find three
they were on Matt. if you have them lying

PAGE IMAGE around perhaps one or two more would
be convenient. I wish Maggie (Maggie) w'd use
some of her money in putting two or three
Testaments with notes in the bookshelves
for general reference.

That is all I believe of special remarks on
the Hospital for the present.

Thurs. Who do you think I have had a letter
from. Richards (Richards) . The penmanship very
good, spelling about Medium, & the gratitude
evidently earnest. He is near Rolla
PlainsLa (Louisiana) (Rolla Plains, Louisiana) . with his Reg. Has not heard
from [Warutz?] ([Warutz?]) (is he right on [we?] in our [Urmtz?])
Nor Laughlin (Laughlin) & misses them very much.
Never shall forget the day I read to them from
Victory Won, & was reminded of an angel come
to visit them in their loneliness & of his two
dear sisters at home. Don't you hope you
may never have the appearance of such an
angelic being as Geo. Ridgeway (Ridgeway, George) [son?]. It is
quite pleasant tho' to have a generals
idea of angels associated with you
But seriously I expect the man wanted
to express his real satisfaction with
that hour's reading & this was the most
suggestive thought.

PAGE IMAGE he begged me to let him hear from
me again & to send him religious
tracts or papers. that he tho't he c'd distribute
them to advantage. He did not say whether
or not he was a Christian, but the general
tenor of the letter was serious.

Mary (Mary) since these meetings commenced it
seems as if I tho't more than ever of the poor
men in the Hospital. It seems more & more
as if they must be reached by christian influence
now. I am sure if I were there now
it would not be so hard a cross to speak to
them of Jesus, and I feel so grateful for the
strength that was given to sometimes speak
even a few words for Him. It is only doing
what our profession demands, but how different
our lives are from that instead of a privilege
it is a hard duty.

Mr. Dunning (Dunning (Mr.)) has dwelt so much upon the
duty & necessity of christian effort. personal
& direct, to secure the blessing of the
spirit, that neither sermons nor prayers
can do the work if christians do not feel

PAGE IMAGE a personal obligation & desire to labor.
It has seemed to them the responsibility
of whether or not the Spirit sh'd be more
greatly poured out, upon us as a
Church. You will rejoice to know that there
are decided indications of deep seriousness
among us. Since the week of prayer the
meetings have been well attended & much
more of the S.S. scholars drawn out. Mr. D. (D. (Mr.))
had a meeting for conversation at his house
Tuesday eve. John Jenkins (Jenkins, John) , H. Weston (Weston, H.) , Frank
Carey (Carey, Frank) , Ch Crandle (Crandle, Charles) , Will Allen (Allen, William) , John (John) , Hattie Ward (Ward, Hattie)
Lizzie Waller (Waller, Lizzie) & Mary Crandle (Crandle, Mary) were there. Mr.
Jenkins (Jenkins (Mr.)) made a prayer. Both he & Horace U. (U., Horace)
seem very decided. I do hope they will
be able to take a consistent stand in the
Church. Ed. Penniman has been out
twice & Henry Roe once. Mr. D (D. (Mr.)) 's remarks
seemed just for their particular cases when
they were there so solemn & so appealing.
Dr. Briggs (Briggs (Dr.)) is very feeble & has lost all his
interest in religious things. he is much
influenced by Penniman these.
PAGE IMAGE I feel as if it were better that Mr. P. (P. (Mr.)) did
not come to prayer meeting any more, better
drop the outward appearance of a christian
a these times than to so live it down at other times.
Mr. Basselt (Basselt (Mr.)) is very regular now & had made
such earnest prayers. I never saw him in
the lecture room before, tho' he used to be
very active, mother says.

John (John) has expressed a hope that he has
surrendered his heart wholly to Christ
but while we can see evident change
in his conduct, we fear so much he has
not had the deep convictions of sin &
danger one naturally expects. I dread the
tho't of them seeming to limit the power of
God yet I fear that he may be resting
perhaps on his resolutions & determination
to lead a different life. I would almost
rather he would have no hope than live
by it a little while & then lose all its
power. It seems as if prayer was our
only refuge. Fanny (Fanny) is hoping & I feel
very differently about her. she has always

PAGE IMAGE lived like a christian.

I was very glad to hear the particulars of
Henry (Henry) 's death. how very hard it was for poor
Fred (Fred) all alone. Seems to mee you cant help
hoping that it was not a change for
which he was unprepared. Has Fred (Fred) come
back yet. I trust it will lead him to
take a decided step in joining himself
to those with Christ. for one must be either
with Him or against Him.

I think of [Binar?] ([Binar?]) & Laughlin (Laughlin) so much
I am afraid if they are not led to decide
now what their future shall be, it will be
a neglected salvation to the last.
It is a comfort to pray for them & plead
for the spirit to be sent down there,
and for your influences to be blessed,
how great it can be, with infinite strength
to guide you & help you.

I feel quite anxious to hear about
the boy & if there is any prospect of Mrs. E. (E. (Mrs.))
obtaining that position.

Did the men any of them speak of us of paper
from me I have sent 3 or 4 a week to different
ones, Craven (Craven) , Roth (Roth) , Adams (Adams) , Hatch (hatch) &c.
Give a great deal of love to all.
Write me soon a long letter.

Yours Ada (Ada)
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