Letter written by [Tarbell Family member?] from Camp Newton Headquarters to his sister on December 24, 1861

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Letter written by [Tarbell Family member?] from Camp Newton Headquarters to his sister on December 24, 1861: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE UNION Camp Newton (Camp Newton, Virginia) Headquarters
32d Regt N.Y.S.Vol (32nd Regiment, New York)
Decem 24th 1861
Dear Sister,

Yours of Decem 4th
is at hand several times [ha--?]
the columns of that welcome
messenger been perused although
it contained news not at
all pleasant yet by no means
unexpected. (The death of Miss O Eliza Smith (Smith, Eliza)
for a long time
I have thought that Eliza (Smith, Eliza)
could not endure a great
while with her weak constitution
no one knew how
much she suffered but with
her persevering spirit & strong

PAGE IMAGE determination to hold out as
long as possible she kept up
we sometimes feel that it
is hard to part with friends
particularly young ones
but why should we [I?] when
we know that our loss is
their gain? It would be sad
to think of giving up friends
too if we knew that this life
being spent it is the last of
them. "If ye die ye shall live
again." All hope and suppose
that Eliza (Smith, Eliza) was prepared to
go to meet her God & has
enjoyment which we have
never yet realized. I have
long been acquainted with
her, both as a school & class
mate have ever known her to
be a noble generous lady forgiving
& kind, as to her
christian character and example
let no one question
PAGE IMAGE her life shows plainly I
suppose she did as she lived
a devoted follower of her Savior
trusting in Him for her
worthiness & in his blood for her
salvation. Oh, Eliza (Smith, Eliza) thou art
gone. full be thy rest & sweet
be thy peace. Dear Mate if I have
steped (stepped) over the bounds of propriety
plese (please) parel on & forget. I am
writing in a very comfortable
tent Lieut W. O NyckoffNyckoff, W. O. (Lieutenant)'s
& just now the notes from
one of the beautiful National
Air strikes my ear from the
Band of the Pen. Zouaveo (Band of the Pennsylvania Zouaveo)
who are encamped near
us tis very pleasant but
some would say unfortunately
dark there being no
noon till late in the
evening. but no one can
find the least fault for all
through the full moon the
PAGE IMAGE weather was very pleasant
& warm I sometimes think
camp life in Va (Virginia) (Virginia) is
one of the greatest enjoyments
I ever had in a short time
you will learn from my pen
the locality of our camp &c &c
we hear right smart news from
Missouri (Missouri) also in one of the
divisions in Va. (Virginia) (Virginia) in the former
we learn that 1300 rebels
were taken prisoners away
whom were three Col's & seventeen
Captains in the latter
near one hundred were taken
and killed. There is but little
being done just now in our division
our pickets are drove in
once in a while but there is
no fighting for as soon as reinforecements
are sent the
enemy turn & get back towards
Centre Vile (Centreville) (Centreville, Virginia) as fast if
Cavalry as their horses can

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