Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, to his father and mother of Clinton, New York, from Camp near Fort Ripley, April 5, 1863

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Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, from Camp near Fort Ripley, Maryland, April 5, 1863, to his father and mother, George A. and Marsha C. Pearl, of Clinton, New York: a machine readable transcription


WASHINGTOND. C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)
APR 6 1863

[written in margins: Apr 5th/63]

Mr. George A. Pearl
Oneida, Co
N.Y. (New York) (Clinton, New York) (Oneida County, New York)

United States Capitol.
2d Bat. 117th Reg. N.Y.S.V (117th Regiment, New York, 2nd Battalion)., Lt. Col. White (White, Alvin (Lieutenant Colonel)) , comd'g:
2d Lieut. J. T. THOMAS (Thomas, T.) , Company F (Company F).
Apr 5th/63
Camp near Fort Ripley (Fort Ripley, Maryland)
Dear Father & Mother

It is Sunday afternoon and
Simons (Simons) is popping the corn you
sent to me in my last barrel. &
while he was popping it I
thought I would write a few
lines to let you know that I
was well and in good spirits.
Not very good either for the
death of Niles Taft (Taft) dampens
them. I was very sorry to hear
such news and supprised (surprised) too
as the last time I saw him

he looked as though he could
stand a three years (year) term as
well as any of us; which was
about two months ago. He died
last Thursday night between
eight & nine Oclock. He was not
sick a great while. I understood
he had a fever dont know what
fever. I presume you will hear
of it before you get this and
learn the full particulars
I recd a letter from Clinton (Clinton, New York)
last Friday stating that
Hobert Mannering (Mannering, Hobert) was dead. I think
his society will be missed
very much around Clinton (Clinton, New York) .
There was a sad accident happened
over to the camp of the 13 [th] N.Y (13th Regiment, New York)
last week about a mile east of here
A private who had just come
off guard went to his quarters
and went to cleaning his gun
before he had discharged it
and some way it was accidntally (accidentally)
discharge (discharged) the ball hitting his
wife (as he had his family
there wife and two children)
under the left eye going clear
through her head, killing her
instantly. One of our Seargents (Sergeants)
was over there and saw it. He
said the man went about
wringing his hands saying, Oh,
dear what shall I do. Dr Millington (MIllington (Dr.))
has gone home on a furlough of
ten days. He started last Friday.
I told if he had time I should
like to have him go & see you
and have you send me four
lbs of chewing tobacco, a [quire]
of paper a bunch of envelopes
and a couple neck ties, those
two red checkered ones that button
behind. I have had to borrow eight
or ten sheets of paper and one or
two envelopes. I do wish U. Sam
would pay us off so that we
could have some money to buy
such things with.
And Father (Pearl, George A.) I want you to get
Mother (Pearl, George A. (Mrs., Marcia C.)) (Pearl, Marcia C. (Mrs. George A. Pearl)) s Addi (Pearl, Adaline C.) s & your likness (likeness)
taken and send it to me
as soo (soon) as convenient
No more at present
Give my love to all enquirers
and save a good share for
yourself Write soon

From your aff (affectionate) son G. W. Pearl (Pearl, George W.) .
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