Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on May 9, [1863]

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Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island, on May 9, [1863], to his sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth Grove
R.I (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)   May 9th
Dear Sister

I reseived (received) your letter
to night I had just got back
from Cchool (school) I was a looking
for it; I have had quite a number
of letters of lait (late) so it hase (has)  cept (kept)
me prety (pretty)  buisy (busy) I got one from
Ellen (Ellen) she was about the same as
susal a little more doun (down)  harted (hearted) if
eny (any) thing she wrote that she had
not heard from you since she was
doun (down)  thare (there) I should think that
you would write to one other once
and a while and I wrote to her
about it but she hase (has) got so she
haits (hates) to write she seas (says) she rather
take a liking then to write she used
to like to write but she so mutch (much) to

PAGE IMAGE do that she cant get time to write as she
used to I have got so that I like
to write I dont want to do nothing
elce (else) but write I am getting quite
a practis (practice) now but not enough to
improve very fast we have got a very
good writing master he is a good
plaine (plain) writer he dose (does) not put on
the flurish (flourish) that some dose (does) but he
is a very plain and prity (pretty) writer we
have got a new teacher in Arithmetic
the old one is helping make out the
pay roles (rolls) we shal (shall)  probuly (probably) get paid
this mounth (month) but thare (there) will be a lot
sent away soon, I dont exspect (expect) to
go away at presant (present) I am prety (pretty)  laim (lame)
yet my wounds are all heald (healed) up and
have been this some time my helth (health)
is prety (pretty) good and I am fleshing up I
am as heavy now as I was when I
enlisted I have aulterd (altered) some since
I came away I dont think that
you would know me if you chould (should)
PAGE IMAGE meet me in Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) and you was not
a looking for me; we had a very good
meeting hear (here) Fast day the best that
we have had since we have been hear (here)
they hade (had) a contribution last night
to get mony (money) to send on to the mishanarys (missionaries)
they got twenty Five dollars and
if it had been after pay day they
would got a grate (great) deal more
thare (there) has been a lot of Solgers (soldiers)
come in lately thare (there) was two from
my. Co. Larson Pratt (Pratt, Larson) was one, if
I was ever glad to se (see)  eny (any) one it was
him he did not hardly know one
Rutilus (Rutilus) wrote me that his Cousin
Winslo Packard (Packard, Winslow) was dead he belonged
to my Co. Major Leavitt (Leavitt (Major)) has been
home the news is more encourigen (encouraging)
from Fredricks burg (Fredericksburg) (Fredericksburg, Virginia) to night: that
fellow has not got his discharge yet
I dont know as I care about mine
at presant (present) I have not time to write
eny (any) more to night,

yours from Seth (Alden, Seth H.)
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