Letter written by Will from Washington, District of Columbia to mother [and father?] on October [no day], 1863

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Letter written by Will from Washington, District of Columbia, in October 1863, to his mother [and father?]: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEWashingtonD.C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia) Oct.
1863 Sunday Eve
Dear Mother [Father?]

Two weeks ago this day I left home
with the expectation of going at my business as soon
as I arived (arrived) at Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) , but I have been very
unhappily disappointed. I wrote you before that it would
be altogether uncertain as to my receiving an answer
provided you were to write, & now I am very [sorry?] indeed
that I did not tell you to answer on receipt of my
letter. I have been over to the Office allmost (almost) every
day for the last week thinking perhaps that you
may have written, but as I received the same answer (no)
every day I concluded that you had taken my advise (advice)
Will Nichols (Nichols, Will) left this place for Culpepper (Culpeper, Virginia) last Sunday
& he requested me to stay here untill I received a
letter from [him?]. for my part I dont understand why
I could not have gone along with him instead of staying
here and paying one dollar per day for my board.
I shall be obliged to borrow money here to pay my [-ree?]
The Army of the Potomac (Army of the Potomac) are at last on the move
All Army Officers now in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) have received
orders this morning to report at Culpepper (Culpeper, Virginia) & you may
expect to here (hear) of a quite battle in a few days. I have
had a delightfull (delightful) time here in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) . Yesterday
I was at the Patent Office where I passed away the
time for an hour or two very pleasently (pleasantly). I should like
very much to here (hear) from home but it is impossible at
presant (present) as I shall not remain here another week and
there is no telling where I shall go from here. Give
my love to all & [??] Said for one. I will write again

PAGE IMAGE next Sunday. I hope you did not forget to pay
Mrs Conway (Conway (Mrs.)) for washing my shirts. Excuse every thing,
my pen is so poor that I can scarcely write at all.

Will (Will)

Monday mo
I have received
my pass I will start for
Culpepper (Culpeper, Virginia) this morning.
Pleas (Please) not write untill you
receive a letter from me

Will (Will)
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