Letter written by D. M. Capt. Miller from Newton Centre to his brother on July 15, [no year]

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Letter written by D. M. Capt. Miller from Newton Centre, Massachusetts, to his brother on July 15, [no year]: a machine readable transcription

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Newton Centre (Newton Centre, Massachusetts) July 15th
Dear Brother (Miller (brother))

I receved (received) A [m-gelett--?]
letter last Friday
I suppose you have heard
that there were ten more
Regiments Caled (called) for From
Mass (Massachusetts) (Massachusetts) and my Company is
included Designated as
Co I (Company I) 16 Regiment (16th Regiment, Massachusetts) and am
ordered to report at Camp
Cameron (Camp Cameron, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
at Cambridge (Cambridge, Massachusetts) July 2th
at 4 PM. but the Co is all
Broken up and I donot (do not) know
as I shall get enough together
to do any thing we are all
trying as hard as we can
it is so bad that they did
not keep the two weeks ago

PAGE IMAGE last Tuesday we had about
85 men I wanted them
to put them into Camp
but they thought they would
not be wanted and would
not do any thing and some
of them are in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
now but I am in hopes
we shall get up a Company
yet I want to go myself
I shall come home if I
can before I go if I do
go I have got my Commission
my first Lieut has backed
out but I am glad of that
for he came on duty one
night tite (tight) after he was
elected I can get a better
one to take his place if
I can only get the man
that is the worst trouble
I have done nothing but
PAGE IMAGE military for two or three
months and I am bound
to put it through now
if I can you better come
up and go with me I
suppose the folks will
not have any thing against
my going if I can go Capt
I donot (do not) know as I have any
thing more to write only
that my health is very
good. I want you to write
as soon as you get this
I suppose I shall send my
things home if I go give
my love to all enquiring
friends I [wand?] you to
Mr David (David (Mr.)) s folks if they
knew a man in Charlotte town (Charlotte town)
by the Name of Capt Webster (Webster (Captain))
they lived opposite the
Jail I believe I know one of
his daughters

from your Brother Capt D M Miller (Miller, D. M. (Captain))
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