Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, to his father and mother of Clinton, New York, from Elmira, March 27, 1864

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Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, from Elmira, New York, on March 27, 1864, to his parents, George A. and Marsha C. Pearl, of Clinton, New York: a machine readable transcription


ELMIRAN.Y. (New York) (Elmira, New York)
MAR 28 [year unclear]

[written in margins: March 27/64]

Mr George A Pearl (Pearl, George A.)
Oneida Co.
N.Y. (New York) (Clinton, Oneida County, New York) (Oneida County, New York)

PAGE IMAGEElmira (Elmira, New York) March 27th/64Dear Father (Pearl, George A.) & Mother (Pearl, George A. (Mrs., Marcia C.)) (Pearl, Marcia C. (Mrs. George A. Pearl))

recd your kind and welcome
letter of the 24th this noon
I attended Church this morning
at the first M E ChurchFirst M.E. Church. The
first time I have had a chance
to attend Church in the day time
in three or four months. I started
for Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) as I spoke
about (in my last letter to Addie (Pearl, Adaline C.)
at 3. Oclock Monday morning
and did not return until
yesterday morning half past
two I had a very pleasant
trip. I havent much news of importance
to write. As to my traveling I
like it very much. I had rather
be on the road by a good deal
than to be lying here in camp

As there isnt hardly excitement
enough to keep a fellow alive
The duty is rather hard when
we have to take a trip in a
special train as we are from
two & a half to three days going
through. But when we go in the
express we can get through in
16 hours. No Mother I did not
feel bad to hear that Minerva (Minerva)
was married but was glad she
had been so lucky. Hope she will
live a long and happy life
Father I paid the express
charges on that muffler through
to Clinton (Clinton, New York) You are entirely
welcome to it and hope it will
serve to keep the cold from your
neck & throat. I have not had
time to express those blankets
yet but will try and do it this
week I have four more than I need
here a pair of Bear skin gloves a
recruit gave me. I have two
pair of buckskin gloves that I
have confiscated out of deserteres (deserters)
knapsacks I called at Letchworth (Letchworth) s
store the last time I was at
Buffalo (Buffalo, New York) . But he was not at home
as he had just started for [Rubun] (Ruben) s
I did not have time to call at
their house. There is a report that
all the men on detatched (detached) duty
here are to be sent to their
respective Regts by the first of
April. I should like very
much to be at home to attend
the Soldiers Fair at the
[C L] Institute (C? L? Institute) next Friday evening
But I dont suppose I can
get a furlough unless I take
a french and I dont think
that would hardly pay.
No more at present. Much
love to all and respects to all
enquirers. You need not pay any
attention to what I said about
the Detatchments (detachments) being sent
back as there are several
different reports respecting
it and may only be a camp

From your Son Geo W. Pearl (Pearl, George W.)
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