Letter written by D. Shannon from near Richmond, Virginia to his wife on June 21, 1863

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Letter written by D. Shannon from near Richmond, Virginia, on June 21, 1863, to his wife: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE [D--sc--mb] Crick (Creek)  va (Virginia) (Diascund? Creek, Virginia)
june the 21 1863Dear wife (Shannon (wife))

i [shall?]
take this opertunity (opportunity) of writing
to you i am well and hope
this may find you all the
same i was very glad to
here from you as i had not
heard from thare (there) in a good
while we have bin (been) on the
march about two weaks (weeks) and expect
to leave here soon we are not a grate (great)
wase (ways) from richmond (Richmond, Virginia) we have
had about twenty men shot on
the march by bush [hacars? "whackers"?] i never
new (knew)  eny (any) thing about solgern (soldiering) til
this march and i think that we
shal (shall) see hard time before the
war does end so i must close to
night for we are not aloud (allowed)
to have a light after dark
so good night my dear and we
are far apart but when shal (shall) we meet

PAGE IMAGE so good morning my dear and was
you up all night i was we left
camp at eleven o clock and did not
return till 6 this morning we
went on a Scout we did not
loose (lose)  eny (any) men our compine (company) has
bin (been) very lucy (lucky) so far thay (they) have
not had no men kiled (killed) yet
and only four that died thare (there)
is about fifteen in the general
hospital have not hurd (heard) from
Albert Ganong (Ganong, Albert)   sence (since) we left
arlington hights (Heights) (Arlington Heights, Virginia) i supose (suppose) that
he is at wishington (Washington) (Washington, District of Columbia)   jef jackson (Jackson, Jef)
has disurted (deserted) has he bin (been) home
yet i cant blame him for
leaving for he has not recived (received)
no pay sence (since) we left Elmira (Elmira, New York)
hank havnes (Havnes, Hank) is a trying to
play out evra (ever) since he was
home i would rether (rather) be kiled (killed)
in the field than to turn trator (traitor)
to my cuntry (country) for it is a disgrase (disgrace)
PAGE IMAGE to him self and his family
i should like to come home
as well as enybody (anybody) but Shal
never try to play out i Shal (shall) try
and get a furlo (furlough) this winter if
the war does not end by that
time but i am in hopes thare (there)
will be peace in our land by
that time ceep (keep) up good curedge (courage)
my dear and i think that i shal (shall) be
home soon if the lord does purmite (permit)
and if not try and meet me
in a land whare (where)  thare (there) is no
more parting i no (know) that i have
don (done)  rong (wrong) but i pray yea (you) to forgive
and if i ever get home i hope
that we shal (shall) take more comfort
than we ever did heartofore (heretofore) i have
send you twenty one dolers (dollars) by
Expres (express) to day but you wont
get it as soon as you would
a lettor (letter) if you have eny (any) more
than you want to use you had
better put it out at interst (interest)
PAGE IMAGE do not scant your self for
eny (any) thing for you have not
got but one life to live and
i hope got enug (enough) as long as
lasts have you got that book
that i sent you if you have
take good car (care) of it and when
you reade (read) it let me no (know) how
you like to i ges (guess) that i have
no more to write to day
you must asque (ask)  Cariline (Caroline) for me
hur (her) mans name and when she
is a gont (going) to get maried (married) for i
She does not let me no (know) i shal (shall)
never forgive hur (her) and tell hur (her)
to ceep (keep) that old jusharp (Jew's harp) that
i youse (used) to play on for i want
to play that favort (favorite) tune and i
gess (guess) that you no (know) what it is
and tell mother (Shannon (mother)) and Clark (Clark)
to write to me no more at
present i think of you night and
day and i supose (suppose) that you do the
same by me

From your Husband D Shannon (Shannon, D. )

write sone (soon)

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