Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Convalescent Camp to his wife on February 17, 1863

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Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Camp Convalescent on February 17, 1863, to his wife, Alma C. Stannard: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp Convalescent (Camp Convalescent, Virginia) Feb th 17 1863
Dear wife (Stannard, Dwight W. (Mrs., Alma C. Simmons)) (Stannard, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard)) (Simmons, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard))

I thout (thought) I would right (write) a few lines to
you once more to let you no (know) that I am
a live yet but if some of you would
come down hear (here) and shoot me you would
do me a grate (great) favor becaus (because) I cant do
enny (any) thing for you or my self I
have to to stay in this dam (damn) camp and
you cant get a pass to go enny (any)  whare (where)
but they cant ceep (keep) me as cloast (close) as they do
some of them for I belive (believe) I no (know) how to
right (write) yet I went to washington (Washington, District of Columbia) yesterday to
get my pay and they have stoped (stopped) paying
till after a nother muster day so you
I had to come back as bare ass I went I
went over and see John (Stannard, John C.) and get my dinner
if I had not went over and see him I would
of had to come back with a emty (empty) belly as
well as a emty (empty)  pocet (pocket) I had some bread
and butter and a cup of green tea the tea
and butter come from the same town
that you are in it was some that bill
kilkenny (Kilkenny, Bill) had sent to him so you must

PAGE IMAGEno (know) how I feel a bout things hafter (have to) stay
hear (here) with out a dam (damn)  sent (cent) in my pocket to
help my self or to send to you for I no (know)
that you want some as bad as I do [??] but I
I cant help it as I see I have done the best
I can to get my pay if they had of givin (given)
me a pass last weak (week) I could of got four mont (months)
pay but they wont give a pas to enny (any) one
I had to go to the Seminary to get a pass
yesterday or I could not of went when I
did you cant begin to think how things is
carrid (carried) on hear (here) if a man has got some of
those green backs he can get most enny (any)
thing that he wants their (there) is no other state
but what has got a man hear (here) to look after
hear (here) troops and if they dont get [satterfeting?]
in one plase (place) they will get them in some
whare (where)  eals (else) I dont bleave (believe) they can hold a man
as long as they are a minter (mind to) and not pay
them you ceep (keep)  riting (writing) to me to ceep (keep) up
good courrage (courage) I would like to have you tell
me what their (there) is to ceep (keep) up a mans courrag (courage)
hear (here) I think I shall stay hear (here) till I get a
nother chance to go befour (before) the board and if
we get befour (before) the right board I will
answer to my name and if they dont
PAGE IMAGE I shall go to my regment (regiment) and take things
as they come for I inlisted (enlisted) for the ware (war)
or sooner shot and I think I will get
the last thing if I could have my
choyse (choice) which side I would like to fight
on I think I would help the rebels for
I think they are the most mean a [hant?]
them my [fattisn?] has all fell intow (into) my
ass and i think it will stay their (there) for a
while you must tell father (Stannard, Calvin W.B.) to [help a time?]
the monney (money) will come by and by when
it does come their (there) will be a good [wile?]
of it if ever I get home it is dam (damn) good
luck for me but I think it is dam (damn)
doubt full I am one of the unlucky
ones if I could get my eight monts (months) pay
they meight (might) kiss my ass I would
try and take care of my self we had
a first rate dinner to day we had one
pint of watter (water) and the skin of two beans
in it and it was burnt at that to night
for supper we will have some stuff that
they call coffee and some poor bread
that is the best grub that you can get
that is the supp for a rich man to eat
it is a dam (damn)  nise (nice) thing but I cant see
it much longer their (there) is not one [--te?]
PAGE IMAGE that is satterisfide (satisfied) with this ting (thing) the
offesers (officers) are making a good thing out of
it if their (there) was no monney (money) in this ware (war)
it would of been to a close befour (before) now
this is a nuff (enough) I think for this time
it snowes (snows)  hear (here) to day like the devel (devil)
this is all I can think of this time
so I will close by sending my best
respect to you all and a kiss to the
boy right (write) as soon as you get this

this from your husband Dwight W Stannard (Stannard, Dwight W.)

this ring is for mother (Stannard, Sarah (Mrs. Calvin W.B. Stannard)) (Stannard, Calvin W.B. (Mrs., Sarah)) if she wants
it and if she dont ceep (keep) it for the boy

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