Letter written by E. Risby First Lieutenant County D. 117th Regiment, New York Volunteers

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Letter written by E. Risley First Lieutenant County D. 117th Regiment, New York Volunteers: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE the most of this timber has been cut down by the
soldiers to facilitate the defence of our capital the greater
portion of the time since we came here we have been doing
garison (garrison) duty at Ft Alexander (Fort Alexander, near Newport News, Virginia) Franklin & Risley 2 days
ago we moved our camp to where we were first stationed
nearly three miles distance from the fts. we are now
in a very pleasant country probably would be a very
good agricultural soil if it only had free labor
We are expecting to move soon to reinforce the army of
the Potomac (Army of the Potomac)  Morris (Morris ) es Brigade (Morris's Brigade) is to be divided unto 2
one of which is to be heavy artilery to remain here
to defend the city the other is to be light infantry our
Col is desidedly (decidedly) opposed to have his regt tranformed
into artilery H (H.) will undoubtedly he made the Gen.
of the new brigade he is entitled to it by rank in
consequence of having a commission of a prior date to
any other in the brigade & for being a regular army
officer while the other coln.s are not
The change of commanders of the army is received
as far as I am able to say with good feelings among
both officers & men. the soldiers are not particular
nor selfish in their motives all we want is the man
to push the war on to Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) & we are not inclined
to think McClellan (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) was the man but we do believe
that in Gen Burnside (Burnside, Ambrose Everett (General)) we have all the practical elements
nessary (necessary) to make a man equal to the task before him
I do say that there was not that amt. of confidence reposed
in McClellan (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) that there was before the last battle at Harpers ferry (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia)

PAGE IMAGE The result of the last election is a powerful instrument
in desiding (deciding) this war all the republicans are labours to
do is to show the Democrats that they power enough to
crush out this accursed rebellion there has never
since the beginning of this war such vigorous means been
put fault as at present If an officer leaves his regt without
permission for a half day he is discharged & sent home with
disgrace even 2 miles distance from camp is a sufficient
ground to dismiss a man from the army
The health of the army is good there has been but 2 deaths
in our regt since we came here The weather is beautiful
in the extream (extreme) it is as warm as in Sept in NY (New York) State (New York)
I would like to have you write to me the first leisure
opportunity I would very much like to hear from the
school & how the new teacher is liked I think that
I feel some interest in that school that I could feel
in no other

Give my best respects to Mr Talcott (Talcott (Mr.)) s people I met him
in Albany (Albany, New York) when our regt passed throughthere but did
not have time to talk with him Tell him that if
he feels sick & has got & $100 to spend that it cannot
be better spent than in coming down here to visite (visit) the
army I send my best wishes to all the friends in that
vacinity (vicinity)

you must excuse all mistakes for we have not time to
corect (correct) we are generaly (generally) well off if we write without any corection (correction)
We generally write on a flat stone or a stump for a
board is out of the question unless we steal it & as we
soldiers are very honest felows (fellows) we have to do without
money is out of the question there is hardly money enough
in the regt. to buy a glass of Beer we have had no pay since
we came here

Respectfully Yours E Risley
1st Lt (Risley, Edwin (First Lieutenant)) Co D 117th Regt. NY Vol (117th Regiment, New York)WashingtonD.C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)
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