Letter written by Mrs. Driesbach from Parryville, Carbon County , Pennsylvania to Mr. E. T. Tombler on March 31, 1864

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Letter requested by Mrs. Driesbach and written by Daniel Wentz, from Parryville, Carbon County, Pennsylvania to Mr. E. T. Tombler on March 31, 1864: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEParryvilleCarbon Co.  Pa. (Pennsylvania) (Parryville, Pennsylvania) (Carbon County, Pennsylvania)
March 31st 1864
Mr. E. T. Tombler (Tombler, E.T. (Mr.)) Dear Sir

I let you know by these
few lines that Mrs Dreisbach (Dreisbach, Simon (Mrs.)) requested me to write a
few lines that her husband Simon Dreisbach (Dreisbach, Simon) late a private
of the 14th Penn. Cavalry (14th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry) died on on the 27th of March
of consuption (consumption) and some dropsy and and was buried on the 29th
[durt?] in the presence of his comrade Soldiers that have reinlisted (reenlisted)
and are at home at present on furlough, Lieut [Freeby?] ([Freeby?] (Lieutenant))
Row (Row) , Nisley (Nisley) , Welsch (Welsch) , Haud Fiddler (Fiddler, Haud) & some more that
I dont know there (their) names Simon Dreisbach (Dreisbach, Simon) did come
home from the Hospital at or near New York (New York, New York) , on the 9th January 1863. and was still sick then at last did get
sick with some kind of consumption & Dropsy, now
she wants to make application to draw a pension and
Doct [C.?] J. Kast (Kast, [C.?], J.) requested her to get a certificate from
his Captain for that purpose now be now be so kind and try to get
one for her or the Neccessary (necessary) papers for her and direct it
me or to her to Parryville P.O. Carbon Co.  Pa (Pennsylvania) (Parryville, Pennsylvania) (Carbon County, Pennsylvania) for she is
very much in need for it she has 7 children and no funds
to Support them Please write soon and also your direction

yours truly in haste Daniel Wentz  Esq. (Wentz, Daniel (Esquire))
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