Letter written by E. H. Drak from in the field, near Richmond, Virginia to his father on October 19, 1864

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Letter written by E. H. Drak from in the field, near Richmond, Virginia, to his father on October 19, 1864: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEIn the Field
near RichmondVa. (Virginia) (Richmond, Virginia)
Oct 19th 1864
Dear Father (Drak (Mr.))

I want to
let you know of my presant (present)
situation.. As far as health
is concerned. I stand No. 1
All through our Summer
campaign my health has
been remarkably good! As
I have said often I am
surprised at my power of
endurance. There has been
hardley (hardly) a day this summer
but what I have been able to
eat my allowance (which
by the way will not give a
man the dispepsia (dyspepsia))
At presant (present) we are engaged

PAGE IMAGE in fixing up our Camp
[We? Have? now?] been building
forts and strengthning (strengthening) our
works and things look
like staying here sometime
we have not had much fighting
to do since we have been here
with the exception of the first
few days. We are now laying
within but a few hundred
Yards of the enemys strong work
and yet hardly a shot is fired
It seam (seems) that Both partys (parties)
are getting tired of their
everlasting picket firing
and lay in of one another
day after day lounging around
in the sun and are not Molested..
We expect to see
this war closed up this
fall.. FatherĀ  Abram (Lincoln, Abraham) elicted (elected)
President Peace declared
and the union restored
PAGE IMAGE That is what we say.
(that is the Lincoln (Lincoln, Abraham) men)
The McClelland (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) men say
that Lincoln (Lincoln, Abraham) will not
be elected. and that we
will not have peace untill
we agree to an [-rinntio-?]
and a convention of states
the Army says Lincoln (Lincoln, Abraham) will
be Presdient. now if you at
home do as well there is
no trouble
I sent My ballot to you
and after I sent it. I thought
their (there) might be trouble
about casting it in our
District if their (there) is any trouble
let me know right off so
that I have tim (time) to send
another.. I dont know as
it will make any material
difference if it
does write soon
PAGE IMAGE I was glad to hear that
John (John) was home I read
a letter from him, he said
he was going to stay this
winter.. You must
write to My Father if
it is not to (too) much trouble
I know you can not write
as readily as you could
twenty sence (cents) but you
can write once in a while
to say th (the) least
My love to all

Yours with love and
Respect E H. Drak (Drake, E.H.)
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