Letter written by C. F. Allen from Virginia (95th Regiment Head Quarters) to his friend Franklin on March 10, 1863

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Letter written by C. F. Allen from Virginia (95th Regiment Head Quarters) to his friend Franklin [Nines] on March 10, 1863: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEHeadquarter 95th Reg (95th Regiment) [RW?]
Va (Virginia) (Virginia)   March 10th 63
Dear frind (friend)  Franklin (Franklin)

To day I was thinking of some of my
old friends in Pamelia (Pamelia, New York) and the thought
struck me that I ought to answer
your kind letter befor (before) now. but you
must excuse me this time and I will
try and do better. I hav (have) left the
Battery and am in the 95th (95th Regiment) [aman?] now
caring (carrying) my little gun like a man to
fre Niggars (which I dont think much
of) do you Frank (Franklin) . The time cant
far distant when I can tel (tell) honest old
Abe (Lincoln, Abraham) (as they call him) to get some boddy (body)
els (else) to help him for it is about plain
out with me. Frank (Franklin) I think I hav (have)
done my share of fighting for I have been
in 7 difrent (different)  Battels (battles) since I hav (have) been
inthe army and aint got an
cratch (scratch) yet, dont you Think old luck
is on [y?] my Side. The 95th (95th Regiment) is now
on Garrison duty guarding the rail rode (road)

PAGE IMAGECo A (Company A) is guarding the track from [Tolmouth] (Falmouth, Virginia)
to [Stammon?] Stashun (Station) (Stoneman's Station, near Falmouth, Virginia) , we are carted along
the track four on a Post. I hav (have) got a nice
big Shanty as ever you see George Lawton (Lawton, George)
Comfort and Plum stop has which
[maks?] out [th?] four Comfort X Plum
on th (the) woodman I am the Water boy Lawton (Lawton, George)
the pot [rasler?] , and he though [thought?] up the
grub hut. we draw [Supt? reid?] Beef potatos (potatoes)
Salt pork Salt Ham as we call it as salt beef
[been?] flour X candles Coffee and Sugar
th (the) [mirt?] not we hav (have) to by (buy). and we hav (have)
to pay a rite (right) smart price for it. butter, 5 c
per lbs I should like to get hold of some of
your Mothers vittles to night for supper,
I hav (have) got to stop and get supper for george (George)
has gon (gone) down for the mail. Wall (Well) old
boy how are you this morning as for me
I am right smart as (they call it)

How is all the girls
in old Pamelia (Pamelia, New York) Frank (Frankline) I suppose you
hav (have) had fine times this winter for you
must had it all your own way with th (the)
girls, but never mind my [will?] come
to make them fly around when I get home
if you see enny (any) of them that I now (know)  giv (give) them
my regards tel (tell)  Jerome Hawland (Hawland, Jerome) not
to let the girls suffer down to the white House

PAGE IMAGE Frank (Franklin) I hav (have) got to close for supper
is reddy (ready). Giv (Give) my love to all inquirin (inquiring)
friends and keep a good share to your
self. from your friend down in
Dixie (Dixie) . excuse this bad riting (writing) and spelln (spelling)

yours truly C. F. Allen (Allen, C.F.)

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: Letter from Patriotic
addressed to Franklin [Nines] (Franklin, [Nines]) ]

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