Letter written by Willet H. Connell from Camp of the 185th New York state Volunteers at Hatches Run to his brother on March 9, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Willet H. Connell from Camp of the 185th New York State Volunteers at Hatcher's Run, Virginia to his brother Lansing Connell on March 9, 1865: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: - Concerning Southern Deserters -]
Camp of the 185th regt
N.Y.S.V. (New York State Volunteers) (185th Regiment, New York) at Hatches run (Hatcher's Run, Petersburg, Virginia)
March the 9th 1865
Dear Brother (Connell, Lansing W.)

I now take this opportunity
to write to you I would have
written before but I have been
rather hard up for stamps but
to day I got some so I will try
and write you a few lines
I am Well and hope this
will find you enjoying the
same Lansing (Connell, Lansing W.) I was very sorry
that I could not come and
see you again before I came
away but the storm prevented
me from doing so but I have
not got a great while to stay
here and then I will make it
up I have got six months and a
bit yet to stay to day we have
received marching orders

PAGE IMAGE where we are a going I
dont know some think down
in the valley but it is all
guess work I think that we
will start for the south side
rail road if so it will be
a hard time of it
We had Division review day before
yesterday and it was a splendid
affair our division turned out
about 20,000 troops I thought then
we would get marching orders soon
Well I cant fight very hard for
all I have to fight with is my
drum I might shoot three or four
with that but I dont think I shall
shoot at all would you I have
got a good position now and
I am a going to keep it I guess
I have it about as easy as any
of them just beat the drum
three times a day we are a going
to have a good uniform jacket and
PAGE IMAGE pants dark blue with 2nd Lieutenent (lieutenant)
straps ["stripes"?] on then wont we look gay
eighteen of us then we are a going
to have our likeness taken we
get our uniform about the first of april Lansing (Connell, Lansing W.) we have a great
many deserters come in our lines
every day it averages one hundred
per day they say that the rebs
are getting ready to evacuate Petersberg (Petersburg, Virginia)
if so they must get out of Richmond (Richmond, Virginia)
if they do not we will make them
and then its good bye southern
confereracy they are whipped now
if they only knew it there are
a great many officers that desert
and say that they have given up
all hopes of ever having their
independance and I think that
they are wise in getting out
of the rebel army I think that
this summer campaign will end
the war at least I hope so
PAGE IMAGE How does your town get along
toward raising men for this
last call are they a going to draft or
not I want to know if they do I hope
that you will not get drafted I dont
want any, of my, folks to ever go
a soldiering I have got enough and
am willing to be excused but if
they will excuse me when my time
is up I will be satisfied I got out
of one good fight by coming home
I was lucky there
We have some very hard rain
storms here now and it is very muddy
it is very warm also Lansing (Connell, Lansing W.)
you must write to me as soon
as you get this for I want to hear
from you as soon as possible
you must excuse any scribbling
for I have written this in a
hurry it is most time for the
drummers call and then I must go

Except (Accept) this from your brother Willet H Connell (Connell, Willet H.) To Lansing W. Connell (Connell, Lansing W.)
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