Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his brother Gustavus, from Camp of the 97th Reg. N.Y.V., February 12, 1863

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Camp of the 97th Reg. N.Y.V., February 12, 1863, to his cousin, Captain Gustavus M. Palmer

PAGE IMAGECamp of the 97th Reg. N.Y.V. (97th Regiment, New York)
Feb. 12th 1863. Dear Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) ,

Gardner Clark (Clark, Gardner) has just received his fur-
lough, & will either start tonight, or early tomorrow morning,
as the boat leaves the Landing at 6 o'c. A.M. So I will write
a few lines, to send by him, as he will call to see you on
his way home. I need not say anything in regard to his pay for
cooking, as he can speak for himself. I paid him $2.

I wrote about all the news, to Mother (Cady, Daniel (Mrs., Fidelia W. Palmer)) (Cady, Fidelia W. (Mrs. Daniel Cady)) , last Monday;
nothing of much importance has transpired since then.
Two or three days ago I received a letter from Capt. Hutchinson (Hutchinson (Captain)) , who
was at home. Joe Warren (Warren, Joe) wrote me a good letter, from WilkesbarrePa. (Pennsylvania) (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
on the 6th was enjoying himself;- expected to be in NY (New York) (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
again by the 15th. Until yesterday, the weather has, for
some time been very pleasant; but then it rained again,
& tonight the sky is completely overcast, the wind blowing,
with strong prospect of more rain.

Lt. Carpenter (Carpenter (Lieutenant)) was discharged from the service, today, his
resignation coming back accepted. He starts for home on
Monday. Of course he is greatly elated at his good for-
tune. He says he will go tot (to) see you. He takes Shedd (Shedd) with him.
Tom Sayres (Sayers, Tom (Lieutenant)) has been promoted to 1st Lieut. & Act'g Quart. Of the
Reg. (97th Regiment, New York) Warmuth (Warmuth) was discharged a short time ago & also Wm. Humpage (Humpage, William) ,
I understand, though we have not yet rec'd
official notice of the same. Capt. Downing (Downing, D.J. (Captain)) paid the
whole of the am't due from him, to the mess, ($2.95) to Gard- ner (Gardner) , so that I think he is pretty well remunerated for cooking.

PAGE IMAGE Received a letter from Edward Blunt (Blunt, Edward) , a few days ago,
who was still in the Hosp. at Fred. (Fredericksburg) (Fredericksburg, Virginia) Acting as nurse.
Wrote to him to attend to that matter of the watch, also
to Mr. Johnson (Johnson (Mr.)) the Jeweller, inclosing an order for
the watch, giving its description, signed by Combs.
This I hope will prove a final disposal of this unpleas-
ant business. I wrote to Mrs. Mendenhall (Mendenhall (Mrs.)) today;
she very kindly sent me some nice apples, & rolls,
& dried fruit, in my last box, which Mrs. Hill (Hill (Mrs.)) brought.

As for those new boots of yours I bought them of
Gardner Clark (Clark, Gardner) , for 7.00, as he said you told him he
might have them. He requests me to settle with you
for them, so that I will do so.- I take it for granted
that the account which I sent you, was correct
in all particulars, as you said nothing to the contrary.

I will sent you a letter for Mr. Sand- ford (Sandford (Mr.)) , containing $1.00, & a list of the officers of the Reg. (97th Regiment, New York)
Please have it delivered to him immediately.
But I must close, as Gardner (Gardner) starts in a few min.
I will write you again soon. Hoping you will
continue to improve in health, I am, as ever,

Yours affectionately, Rush P. Cady (Cady, Rush Palmer (Lieutenant)) .
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