Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on April 1, 1863

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Letter written by Seth H. Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island, on April 1, 1863, to his sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth Grove (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island) Apr 1st 1863
Dear Sister

I have just received your letter
and will write you a few lines two night (tonight)
and do the rest to morrow for I dont
think that I shall have time to write
what I want to before dark and
exspect (expect) to have one or two letters to answer
to morrow I shall look for one from
Alaxandria (Alexandria) (Alexandria, Virginia) in the morning and at
night I shall look for one from Ellen (Ellen)
I am getting along finely [Faller?] is not
in the ward with me but I se (see) him every
day that 16 Maine (Maine) fellow is with me
we have got heads side by side as before
and on the other side is a Mass (Massachusetts) (Massachusetts) fellow
his naim (name) is Hammond (Hammond) he is a
meffew (nephew) of that hammond (Hammond) that lives
on the Hamblin Farm (Hamblin Farm, Massachusetts) he is a yong (young)
fllow (fellow) not much older than his Josh (Josh) if you

[Written in margins:] The following is written in the top margin of page 1.

I have not got my blankt (blanket)
or [mor? ch?] I like the
Doctor very well
my throut (throat) dont truble (trouble)
me so mutch (much)
as it did when
I was at home
I can walk prety (pretty)
with a kean (cane) but
be some laim (lame) yet
tell all of the
folks to write
I think that I
have answered all
your queshons (question)
if write you all
will tell to me
you want

yours Seth H (Alden, Seth H.) ]

PAGE IMAGErecorlect (recollect) him I was glad to get a
paper I have not had time to read
it yet It is prety (pretty) Cold hear (here) to day
it is a prety (pretty) windy plase (place)  hear (here) I suppose
it is a very plesant (pleasant)  plase (place)  hear (here) in the
summer time thare (there) is a bilding (building) that
used to be a town Stand the people
used to come hear (here) in the Summer
Time and stop for thare (their)  helth (health) it is
now used as head quarters
Thursday morning Apr 2th I shoul (should)
send this to day for the mail goes out erly (early)
this morning it is most breckfast (breakfast) time
we dont have breckfast (breakfast) [thr?] untill (until) most 8
a (o') Clock and the boat gets in before 9 that brings
the Newyork (New York) (New York)   maile (mail) but I did not get eny (any) letter I
dont se (see) the reason I should think that I
should get mary (Mary) s letter by this time
I hope that I shall hear from you often and
get my papers that you have sent me I was
glad to get the Former got quite a lot of
news and also got considerable news out
of the letter I was glad to hear that Calven (Calvin)

PAGE IMAGE had got home our Co will be prety (pretty) small
this smmer (summer)  thare (there) has been a lot of them
discharged and a grate (great)  meny (many) deaths and
there is some in the Hospital that have had
thare (their)  lims (limbs) taken off they will be discharged
as soon as they are able to go home
I dont have a Chance to write but a
few minets (minutes) to a time the Doctor is in
the ward every minet (minute) they have been
examine some of the boys this morning
and are going to give them thare (their) discharge
they give passes from two to five days they
gave a man a pass this morning to began
two days he lives in Mass (Massachusetts) (Massachusetts) he has got a
arm off he will get it lengthed (lengthened) out in boston (Boston, Massachusetts)
I dont think that I shall bother with those
passes as long as you are all as well as you
be now I should like a ferlaw (furlough) of 20 days or
60 I dont think that they will send that
from Alaxandria (Alexandria) (Alexandria, Virginia) I shall Send you
20 dollars in this letter
I will [seak?] twenty dllers (dollars) in this
PAGE IMAGE want you to write as soon as you get this
for I shall want to know about it I have
not mutch (much) to write this time I have
not got mutch (much) more room on this sheet
you asked if we had religes (religious) services we have
on Sundy (Sunday)  fournoon (forenoon)  preeching (preaching)  bybel (Bible) Class
at three, and at seven preaching again
I did not go I had a bad cold and the
head ake (headache) and I laid a bead (abed) most all
days I was glad to hear that Stewart (Stewart)
has got better if I had knowen (known) that
he was at the Convalesence I would sent
up for him to come dwn (down) and seen me
that is if it was at [stroke?] a where he was
you asked what we solgess (soldiers) was sent hear (here) for
have you not read the new bill that post
for all solgess (soldiers) that would not be able for
duty in 20 day to be sent to the nearest
Gen Hospital to thare (their) homes and did
I not write you that hare (tthere) was a man
from main (Maine) (Maine)   thare (there) the night before we started
and he said that main (Maine) (Maine) was making
preperations (preparations) for a Gen Hospital in Portland (Portland, Maine)
and we properly ["probably"?] would go to Mass (Massachusetts) (Massachusetts)
my wound is not quite healed up yet

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