Letter written by J. E. Atwood from Dekalb to Brother A. C. Fuller on August 3, 1863

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Letter written by J. E. Atwood from Dekalb, Illinois, to Brother A. C. Fuller on August 3, 1863: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEDe Kalb (Dekalb, Illinois) Aug 3d 1863
Bro A C Fuller (Fuller, A.C.)

doubless rememer (remember) my mentioning
to you when at Belvidire (Belvidere, Illinois) my Friend
J H Clark (Clark, J.H.) who is is in
Co H (Company H) 12th Ill Cavalry (Cavelery) (12th Regiment, Illinois Cavalry)  capt Shaurs? (Shaurs? (Captain)) Co
I wrote you what I know about
him &c Soon after & directed to
Springfield (Springfield, Illinois) he is now a
seargant (sergeant) in Suin Co (Suin Company) and wants
a 2nd Lieutinants (Lieutenants) Comiss but as
he formerly belonged to Barker
Dragoons & as Capt Shears?Shears? (Captain) was elected
by his own men he is under
obligations to the non Comisioned (commissioned)
officers of his own Co to recommend
them for Promotion instead of
my Friend Clark (Clark, J.H.)
now I wish if it is in your
Power to give him the Position

PAGE IMAGE of 2nd Lieutenent in that
or any other Co of Cavelry (cavalry)
I shall esteem it Special
Personal Favor
and besides
I feel concintious (conscientious) in Saying
that I am Sure that he is
well Qualifid (qualified) for the Position
and worthy of Promotion
he has taken Part in all the
Principal Battles which the
army of the Potomac (Army of the Potomac) have
fought the last 20 months
and I sincerely hope you will
be able to assist him in
his desirved (deserved) Promotion &c

we have Visited Bro Edwin (Edwin)
at Grand HavenMich (Michigan) (Grand Haven, Michigan)
found them well & had a very
pleasat (pleasant) visit he is doing a
fine business, Ena (Ena) is here with me
in the Store also Helen Blair (Blair, Helen)
PAGE IMAGEis visiting us with [muggin?] &c

Respectfuly yours J. E. Atwood (Atwood, J.E.)

PAGE IMAGE J. E. Atwood (Atwood, J.E.)
Aug 3, 1863

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