Letter written by Susan E. Dodge from Franklin to her sister on June 9, 1861

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Letter written by Susan E. Dodge from Franklin to her sister, Mary Gile, on June 9, 1861: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEFranklin (Franklin) June 9th 1861
My Dear Sister

I received
your kind letter yesterday, and I cant begin
to tel (tell) you how glad we was to hear you
was all in your usual health while many
of our fellow beings are suffering
and many in a far country, I often think
how little we know the excitement and sufferings
of our friends and neighbours While I
see several soldiers taking leave of
there (their) friends hear (here) and goin (going) to War O how
solom (solemn), there has quite a number gone Husbands
have left there (their) families sons their homes how
sad, Mrs Neighsmith (Neighsmith (Mrs.)) her onely (only) son is gone
I called to see her the other day she is
vary (very) calm said if he was called to protect
his country she could ont say dont go, he
had the same keeper there as hear (here), I told
her she had more grace than I had

PAGE IMAGE and I was glad to find her so for some
must go. We was glad to hear Sister Paige (Paige (Sister))
had got to Sutton (Sutton) I hope she will be
able to come and see us. We have thought
much about her I hope she will try to keep
up good courage and enjoy her self it
dont do any good for us to dwell upon our
trouble it dont alter any thing We must
try and realize that the Lord doeth all things
right, but I must stop I have company come
O it is Sister Polly (Polly (Sister)) how glad I am
Sunday evening Nehemiah (Nehemiah) and wife have
spent the day with us Polly (Polly) is smart for
her does her work a lone says she gets along
well her children all gone but Harvey Dean (Dean, Harvey)
and Ellen (Ellen) have been over and stayed
all night with us John (John) went over and
got them, we had a good visit, they look well
and appear to enjoy themselves first rate
I think E will make a good wife I asked her if
they brought much fresh meat she said no
we cant affor that said Dean (Dean, Harvey) bought a
ham she thought that was cheaper and
PAGE IMAGE Dean (Dean, Harvey) liked it, I told her I thought it was
good calculation, I told her she would have
to aconamise (economize) to fetch the year around
she intends to calculate well I think
they are beginning and I hope you all
will try to encourage them, I told Dean
when father & mother come he would have
a strip of good pork: he said I dont know
I told them if they tried to do well, you
would help them, I have not been to see
them yet but intend to before long I shall
look for you before many days I hope you
will be well we shall [let?] much on a good
long visit and hope we shant be disappointed
Sister Paige (Paige (Sister)) must certinly (certainly) come and see
us if able we want to see you all vary (very)
much Solomon looks well and fleshy but
he says he dont feel as well as he did
befor (before) he was sick: his appetite is vary (very) good
Lenora has gone home with her aunt to
night to stay a few days I miss her
much my love to all have sister come
and see us any time she can

Susan E Dodge (Dodge, Susan E.)

PAGE IMAGE [??] Mary Gile (Gile, Mary)
Mary ?? Gile (Gile, Mary)

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