Letter written by Alanzo Finch from Washington, Navy Yard to his brother and sister on October 27, 1861

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Letter written by Alonzo D. Finch from Washington, Navy Yard to his brother and sister in Perry City New York on October 27, 1861: a machine readable transcription


H, H, Poppino (Poppino, Henry H.)
Perry City
Schyler Co
NY (New York) (Perry City, New York) (Schuyler County, New York)


received this A T
finch Nov 6,61
mailed one in answer
to this Nov 11

PAGE IMAGEWashington (Washington, District of Columbia) Navy yard
Oct 27, 61
Dear Brother and Sister

I was happy to ackowledge (acknowledge)
the receipt of your letter dated
Oct 20th and I have improved the
earliest opportunity in answering it
I have just returned from having
a run in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) I can say
the citty (city) of Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) did not
meet my expectations; with the
exceptions of the Capitol the place
is not what I expected to see
and that is not finished yet;
if Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) affords a sample of
this southern citties (cities) I think I
should retire North as soon as
possible; I am happy to report
to you that my health is better than
when I last wrote to you

PAGE IMAGE and we made our escape from
the dangerous position we were
placed in without meeting with
any thing serious; and arrived
Safe in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) navy yard
as soon as we arrived in W (Washington) (Washington, District of Columbia)
they made our Captain; Prisoner
and Commenced a cort (court) of enquiry
over him wich (which) lasted for ten days
keeping all hands on bord (board) of the
ship during the time the most
of theam (them) being used for witness
the [Cantener?] was finely (finally) [p-sed?]
and Captain Chandler (Chandler (Captain)) was detached
from the navy and I believe he
is now a prisoner they made it
out that he sympathised to
much with the South; after the
Cort (court) was over the ship was
haled (hauled) along side the warf (wharf) and
Commenced undergoing repairs
PAGE IMAGEwich (which) was to be completed in
as short a time as posible (possible)
not allowing us time to wate (wait)
for to have a new boiler made
but to fit her and as soon as posible (possible)
and to return to york  River (York River)
and wate (wait)  thare (there) untill the new
boiler is done; wich (which) I believe they
are erecting either in Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland)
or New York (New York, New York) ; we have had our
entire Charge of Oficers (officers) through
out every thing here been in such
a confusion in changing our
Officers that I have not been
able to arrange things as I
expected we Shall not be out
long before I shall be able to fix
it; if we Come of (off) victorious in
running the Blockade on the
Potomac (Potomac River) ; the river has been
entirely closed for Several
PAGE IMAGE days they have got six milds (miles)
of batteries on the rebbel (rebel) side
wich (which) we have got to pass
we are a going to make this
attempt to night; pass or no
pass we are now lying in
Sight of their bateries (batteries) in
Company with several other
boats belonging to the flotilla
we are the onely (only) one that has
orders to try and pass when I
arrive in Hampton Roads (Hampton Roads, Virginia) if
we affect (effect) a pass I will write again
I received a letter from Wm (William) folks
report all well as can be expected
[C?] (C?) says she is rasing (raising) boys for
the army; go in [C?]
give my love to father
and mother sister Ann (Ann (Sister)) and
all the rest of theam (them) if I
have left any thing out you
must excuse me you cant
immagine (imagine) the hurry I am in
PAGE IMAGE in regard to the place of G. [B.?] (B.?)
I dont quite like it for the
prise (price); I would sooner have a
smaller place with a better
house on it; I dont think I could
make much use of that Creeklet
perhaps by the time you write again
you will have an opportunity of
falling in with something better
tell [and? out?] to remain with our
folks She will not loose (lose) any
thing by it; if I live she will
have a home in after years
give my best respects to all the
arristocracy (aristocracy) of Perry. C. (Perry City, New York)
tell H (H.) to be a good boy not work
to (too) hard I would like to be thare (there)
to take a foot race or a buck halt
with him write as soon as you
can Direct to Hampton Roads (Hampton Roads, Virginia)
U.S. Steamer Dawn in Care of the
PAGE IMAGE [Steamer?] ship. Va (Virginia) (Virginia)   except (accept) my
love from your true and
living Brother

Alonzo D Finch (Finch, Alonzo D.) H S, H, B.
[M.?] H B.
Respectfully Yours
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