Letter written by J. W. Southard from Rolla, Missouri to W. H. Jolly on June 28, 1862

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Letter written by J. W. Southard from Rolla, Missouri to W. H. Jolly on June 28, 1862: a machine readable transcription


ROLLAMO (Missouri) (Rolla, Missouri)
JUN 30 1862

[written in margins: Good letter]

W. H. Jolly Esq (Jolly, Will H.)
Logan X Roads (Logan Crossroads)
In. (Indiana) (Logan Crossroads, Indiana)

PAGE IMAGERolla, Mo. (Missouri) (Rolla, Missouri)
Saturday June 28th .62. W. H. D (D., W.H.)
Dear Sir,

I have not received a letter
from you for 3 or 4 weeks, why is it? I also know
that I have been some what negligent but pray
to be excused for being kept at hard drilling,
at the same time being in a rather precarious
situation as you will see by calling on Father (Jolly (Mr.))
and seeing his letter for it would require more
time to explain matters than I have to devote at
present. it is in reference to Drumper (Drumper (Captain)) s Treatment
of us which I must say has been inhuman
and disgraceful. we petitioned him to resign
and he was not gentleman enough to comply with
our wish. 62 men signed it. all of the Non-Commissioned
Officers but 3 who were too cowardly to resent
an insult signed it and we have all been
reduced to the ranks. he is about to arrest me
and two other Non Com's and have us Court
Martialed for mutiny he talks of a Dishonorable
Discharge and shooting as the result but either
will not be more disgraceful than a tame
submission to such wrorys (worrys) as he has heaped
upon us. by the way he has three tough customers
to deal with and we are determined to not be
outdone if justice can be had. we are now
preparing charge against Cap Drumper (Drumper (Captain)) and
if he insist on ruining us we will set
him of his pegs. his honor will be gone and he
will be a ruined man. -- Will (Will) , here we are stuck
in another Damned hole, hid in the bushes
where we will never be heard of, we are forever
disgraced and our Col. is to blame.

PAGE IMAGE and he has three times been petitioned to resign
his command. but like Quimper (Quimper) he remarks in
his own mind "ha. ha! cant afford it. am making
more mony (money) than ever I did before, cant do it.
No. Sir." this is what I imagine to be the extent
of their patriotism. The Almighty Dollar, and a
Commission for Damned laziness, during the
war, magnificent, proud and noble Shoulder-Strappers.
they forget that our friends at home
know no such thing as title and nobility except
when deserved by daring deeds, and all the Causes
they will ever win on the Battle field could be
placed in one small dinner packet.
Only think of it, men commanding me in the
army. that, were I placed on equal footing
with them, would treat with with contempt, and
hurl defiance in their truth for I have not lived
in vain and I have never too long inthe
army to be scared by the screech of an Owl.
but enough of this! but dont forget to see Father (Southard (Mr.)) s
letter. I may be in a dangerous position but
I feel confident that I come out all right.

I have not received any news
from Manchester (Manchester, Indiana?) for a long time. neither have
I heard from Elizabeth Town (Elizabethtown, Indiana?) for a month
please move them up.
Write immediately and write a huge letter.

Believe Me To be Your Cousin J. N. Southard (Southard, J.N.) "P.S."

I will send you a
Rolla (Rolla, Missouri) paper to night. look out for it

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