Letter written by Ada from Honesdale to Mary on December 9, 1861

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Letter written by Ada from Honesdale, Pennsylvania to Mary on December 9, 1861: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE Honesdale (Honesdale, Pennsylvania) Dec. 9th 1861.]
Monday eve.
My dear Mary (Mary)

Am ashamed that I have not answered
your letter before. I did feel very
grateful that you tried to find the hyacinths,
then gave it all up quietly & fell
back upon Albert (Albert) s tulip bulbs. when lo &
behold down dropped a dozen great fat
bulbs. Their eyes starting out of their heads
from very delight. Thank Anna so
much for me. I think it will be a house
full of comfort bought for a dollar if they
thrive. My dutch turnip & tulip does
finely. The hyacinths I shall put in
carrots & some in pots. But I dont know
as I've told you how to use the turnips
& carrots scientifically. The idea we got
in Port Lewis (Port Lewis) from Mrs Conklin (Conklin (Mrs.)) 's gardener
The root end is cut off & the carrot scooped out

PAGE IMAGE two sticks placed a little below the top &
over each other thus + fill with water &
set a bulb on the cross piece. The roots
grow in the water which must just touch
the bottom of the bulb. The leaves start
out from the carrot so that in its (prime)prine
it is a cone of green overtopped with a
fragrant flower. Change the water daily
suspend by cords under & around, in
front of a window in a warm room.
You will find it pays, just for the curiousity
of watching to see what it will do next
The turnip must be the dutch. oval egg shaped royal
purple & as large as yr two fists. Our hanging
basket looks beautifully. The money [nut?]
grows finely & hangs down already a
quarter of a yard. Some of Lizzie (Lizzie) s [vines?] [now?]
over 1/2 a yard. There? our straw berry,
second growth hangs in the sitting room
One we sent & Sarah [Merrick?] ([Merrick?], Sarah) & three
others are ripening now.

I imagine Anna hanging turnips on
every bed post & window in the house.

PAGE IMAGEThe girls are all unanimous in
telling of their delightful visit. I am
so glad that you could see so many
of them, tho' all at once is not quite the
best style I think. We must live upon
that last glimpse of you settling down
under Mr. [Brower] ([Brower] (Mr.)) 's [ring?] in Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) for
some time to come.

And so Ed (Ed) is gone. I am so glad the
girls c'd see him. They tell funny stories
Poor boy. imagine his connection just
at this present time if its rough. I fear
all his most firmly settled principles
will receive a shock from which they
will be long in recovering.

Seriously, it does seem forlorn to think
of that five months voyage. I hope he
took a library of books & good ones.
He will have time to think. he will
have to think often & deeply. God grant
it may be the settling of his mind
in unwavering Christian faith.
I shall pray for him & God's Spirit

PAGE IMAGE can as powerfully illuminate the path of
duty to him on that [backless?] ocean as
here among his friends.

[Mile?] Fuller (Fuller, [Mile?]) is very much better. He was
not at all sick on his return voyage
though it was very rough. Once the Captins (Captains)
wife, a refined intelligent lady from Brooklyn (Brooklyn, New York) ,
while just slipping in her dress, was
tumbled over against the stateroom door
which flew open & she rolled the length
of the cabin, where sat [Mile?] ([Mile?]) & the Capt., [with?]
the lurch of the ship. She picked herself
up with - "There's nothing to be said gentlemen.
it was the wind" while her her husband
roared at the ludicrous scene -
Father & mother start tomorrow for Phila. (Philadelphia) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
he goes on to Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) . if she can she
will stop in upon you. We shall be
right lonely. Only we have our hands
full with Christmas Tree presents - I am
making or going to make collars & cuffs, [spoon or spool?]
cases, mats or give pictures to my class - [Caro?]
is mystified with boys [toys?] in capacity for
fancy articles. she thinks they are a
doubtful institution. The balmoral is
beautiful. mother takes real comfort
in it. I sh'd hope you wouldn't go over
to N.Y. (New York) (New York) for anything just for us

PAGE IMAGE [written in margins: continued from the crossing on 1st p.]

I must take another sheet to
tell you of that. There were 8 tables
full of the Congregation. & we made
just $120.00 aside from sales of work.
It was all done so easily. The ladies
furnished biscuit, canned fruitcake.
Miss Young (Young (Miss.)) provided brown &
white bread, cold meat, tea & coffee,
& everything else. I sat in the vestibule
& collected the 50 cents from each one
Of course many gave more - from
$1. to 5. Kate (Kate) & I have concluded to
give Ed (Ed) a unanimous request to
enlighten us on the Subject of Big
Trees, Big Rivers & Big things generally
in California (California) . we think it co'd
enlarge the minds of the people
& increase the funds of the Society
if a planning poster were put
out for "A Grand Lecture" by
our distinguished & eloquent
young townsman &c!
PAGE IMAGE I have $900. invested now
We want to have our supper either
the 3d or 10th of May. & then I propose
taking Fanny (Fanny) to the Water Cure
for a few weeks. she is not strong
& yet she don't seem to need medicine.
Then Caro (Caro) will come on
& go with me to Syracuse (Syracuse, New York) . after
which I will come home & leave
Caro (Caro) with Fanny (Fanny) .
Sadie (Sadie) is here now on her way to [learn? leave?]
[ashes?] Farmington
Mary Foster (Foster, Mary) is better but not able
to lie down or to breathe with
windows shut. Lizzie Maller (Maller, Lizzie)
is quite sick much as Maria
Crane (Crane, Maria) was affected.
Do write to Mary Tracy (Tracy, Mary) . She
feels rather grieved I think.
Give ever so much love to all the
family & tell us how you are
settled in y'r new house
[fishr -de?]
PAGE IMAGE bonnet. So if you see Miss F. (F. (Miss.))
you may tell her we must
have them larger than the [pames? pairs?]
she showed us. We forgot to mention
that we w'd like the round crown
but we decided that when in the
shops so I did not consider it as
needful again. We told her to
send by Ex. as soon as possible
& I enclose a list of flower seeds
which perhaps you can send to
Miss F.F. (Miss.) to come with the hats
Father has just come in with a piece
of the top of your old pen. & he says he
can get the door paved with the [no.?]
if you w'd care for it. The molding
will be nice for [reclers?] or paves.
we have photographs & will send you
some in time. Aunty Gunn (Gunn (Aunty)) found
a splendid puff for Ed (Ed) in Littell taking
his alumni poem from a German
magazine & saying that this was the
first to notice & appreciate a brilliant
young poet from the far west &c
they called it "The noblest soul of all".
We felt quite proud of it. I think Ed [Penni-?] ([Penni?], Ed)
man w'd like to publish it.
PAGE IMAGE to almost evry community in which
he had even chanced to be.
Caro (Caro) was in bed all the week &
under the Drs. care. but she is better
now. About to ch. last night & is
busy sewing today.
We wrote to Miss Lindlay (Lindlay (Miss.))   Friday
[Sent?] my split straw. ordered it
to be trimmed with lilac. face
trimming pink & green. Caro (Caro) will
have straw braid & green silk.
& flowerd, as she may select.
I told her to make them larger than
[Sen?] Reed (Reed [Sen?]) s. we will not keep them
unless they are larger than hers.
I do not like that at all. it has such
a smashed, matted down look. Mrs. Young (Young (Mrs.))
has a new hat, but [Miss?]
says she shall never wear it, it
is so small. You may say what
you please about the fashion, I
don't want a skull cap &
wear it as if I tho't I had got a
PAGE IMAGE[Caris rats?] with shearing [with?] the
compass of her hair will be all right.
They are rather fearful in present [d---sins?]
Oh, Mary (Mary) , I've got a cartes visite
but you cannot have it till you send me
one of you, then you shall.
Molly (Molly) tells us Mr. Dubins (Dubins (Mr.)) has gone &
North Dutch [place?] is of course feeling desolated
How is he? I should think that summer
hotting? would have sent him to his
grave if anything. Does he give up the
ministry & go to farming or only rest!
Mr Demming (Demming (Mr.)) is? more satisfactory every
Sunday. He evidently is one whose real
inner nature we must long study to know.
But I feel so differently to him even from
what I thought I ever could at first.
The Bible Class is so interesting I wish
you could all drop in.
We are making shirts for our boys now.
when that is done I trust they will let the
Soldiers bid drop for a while. It is
PAGE IMAGE a deepening impression here that
our missionaries are suffering more than
our soldiers. I dont think our benevolence
all should flow to them for they are paid
regularly & better than most mechanics
at home now a days. Their food & clothing
comes to them without their providing & their
pay will get many comforts, but the Home
missionaries, what have they to look to
but God's unfailing care! No adequte
fund from which to [inspect? respect?] their annual
pay. nothing where with to buy food or
clothing & cold winter coming on. I pity
them. we must send a box to some one
of the sufferers.
Caro (Caro) sends love to Anna (Anna) indeed to all
& is going to write soon Let me have
a longer letter next time Mary (Mary)

yours ever Ada (Ada)
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