Letter written by H. B. Stanley from Goldsborough to his brother, J. T. C. Stanley, on May 1, 1862

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Letter written by H.B. Stanley from Goldsboro, North Carolina, on May 1, 1862, to his brother, Major J.T.C. Stanley, in Laurens County, Georgia: a machine readable transcription


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Manufd by W. & J. Bonitz (W. & J. Bonitz (firm)), Goldsboro, N.C. (North Carolina)
(Goldsboro, North Carolina)

Our father's faith let us keep till death,
Their fame in its cloudless splendor
As men who stand for their mother land,
And die, but never surrender;
With the Cannon's flash, with the Cannon's
With the Cannon's roar and rattle;
Let Freedom's sons, with their gleaming
Be down to their country's battle

From Sergt H B Stanley (Stanley, H.B. (Sergeant))
in Company G 49th Regiment of
Georgia Volunteers (49th Regiment, Georgia)

Maj. J.. T.. C.. Stanley (Stanley, J.T.C. (Major))
Laurens County
Georgia (Laurens County, Georgia)

By Mr Mcdaniel (McDaniel (Mr.))

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T. S. Reynolds (Reynolds, T.S.)   AtlantaGa (Georgia) (Atlanta, Georgia)

Goldsborough (Goldsboro, North Carolina) May the 1st 1862 Dear Brother (Stanley, J.T.C. (Major))

your letter of the 22nd of April
came to hand last thursday. I would have
answered it sooner. but James Bracewell (Bracewell, James)
is lying verry (very) ill with the Typhoid
pneumonia and I thought that I
would wait awhile and see how it would go
with him. he was taken four or five days ago and
I cannot see that he gets any better but on the
contrary worse. I am fearful that it will cause his death
as this is a bad place to be sick at. he gets verry (very)
good attention it is true. but then you know this
is not like home. now if he was there he could
get good nursing and something that he might
probably eat. but here it is impossible to get any
nourishments at all for the sick without paying
four times the worth of them. I went out the other
day and bought an old hen for seventy five cents
to make him some soup but he did not eat much
of it after all.

PAGE IMAGE I am verry (very) sorry for Jim (James) but it avails nothing as
it is not in any power to do him any good.
he may get up again but it does really seem
to be impossible for him ever to recover. though I am
in hopes that I am mistaken in my beliefs and that
he may recover. I have been quite feeble myself for
the last three or four days with the [abantia?] but I
am getting better now as they have gone in [or? mu?]
I have been off of duty now three days which
is the only time that I have lost since I have
been in service. Our company is getting over the
measles now, and the mumps has made its
appearance in our ranks. Simon Ellington (Ellington, Simon) has
them now verry (very) bad. Out of 850 men we
have now about 800 able to do duty
in our Regiment. though the health of this Regiment
is now improveing (improving) Several of my company have
been sent to the hospitle (hospital) but all have got better and
returned to the camps except Sergt Parson (Parson (Sergeant)) who
obtained a sick furlow (furlough) and went home for
thirty days. David B Fountain (Fountain, David B.) got a discharge
PAGE IMAGE to day and is now on his way homewards. The most
of our boys have become satisfied and say all that they
wish for now is to get into a battle. and as
for my own part I am determined to occupy
my place here, with honor to myself with comfort
to my friends at home and with some advantage
to my country's cause. I cheerfully consent
to be a soldier to lead a soldier's life to bear a
soldiers burdens and to die if need be a soldiers
death. and if I ever should see you again, Just
conclude that I am fully awake, that I am in
the right cause. Mr David Mcdaniel (McDaniel, David) has also
been discharged. he probably can tell you more than
I have time to wright (write) he told me that he would
stay with you all night and get you to carry
him home as he is not able to walk verry (very) far
I would be glad if you would carry him to Dublin (Dublin, Georgia)
as he is an upright man every way. I think James
Bracewell (Bracewell, James) is better to night. I have detailed John Coleman (Coleman, John)
to wait on him to night and to morrow. Give
my respects to your family and accept the same
yourself your Brother

H B Stanley (Stanley, H.B.)
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